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  1. I agree with Nessa – blue glass is so pretty. I collected old blue glass for awhile – Milk of Magnesia and Vick Sauve bottles.
    I’m thinking a couple of yours here for flowers would be cool in the sunlight!

  2. I used to have a bunch of old blue glass too… it is pretty! So where were you hangin’ and NOT drinking any of this? I’ve even found WATER in pretty blue bottles these days!

  3. i have no idea what you’re talking about here 😉

    (actually, this is a very good senryu and it made me laugh out loud – not recommended when you’re at work but it was break time so pft)

  4. Wish I could think of a funny line, but they all seem to be taken… I think the brit expression ‘having a lot of bottle’ might be slightly lost on a transatlantic audience….

  5. Wow, those are gorgeous bottles! Here, things come in clear glass (called flint – I used to work in a glass factory), and some come in amber bottles (brown glass), even the very odd green bottle will be seen… but never blue bottles!! Some people buy/collect dishes and ornaments in that beautiful blue glass, but even those aren’t seen a lot here.

  6. Nessa — blue glass is pretty. That’s why I snuck into the art department work area and pictured it!

    Carletta — somehow the names Milk of Magnesia and Vicks remove a bit of the romantic luster from the notion.

    Melli — OC’s office is next to the art department and the alley between the two buildings is an unofficial work area and a treasure trove of stuff to picture!

    Mar — I may have to buy some blue water.

    Jill well, it likely won’t be white!

    Cath — I think there was a whole party of Blue Hawaiians after that bash!

    Jientje — it seems we all love blue bottles!

    Juliana — I am happy to know I brightened your work day with a bit of laughter.

    Dr. John — I am well.

    Alastair — I think I got the jist. 😉

    Betty — thanks.

    Shelly — do you think it is contagious?

    Andrew — the bottle contents, or the photo?

    Alice — no blue bottles in Canada? Why not?

    Amber — B.C.

    Ian — hello. Welcome. Funny, these bottle excited me. When I saw them I just had to get my camera.

    Holly — I bet yours was the table we were all trying to ignore. Raucous!

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