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Allow Me To … Get Out of The Way

One of OC’s band compadres, an oboist, played for us in church today.  His wife attended the service with him, and of course I invited her to sit with me (since OC and RY were with the rest of the musical ensemble).  I didn’t want her to feel awkward or unwelcome.  As we approached my usual pew, there was Kat, my usual pew neighbor.  I said, “Kat, allow me to –”

Kat yelled, “Carol!”  Carol yelled, “Kat!”  They hugged and squeed and hugged some more.  They exchanged, “You look great!”  And news about loved ones and diet routines and life in general.  And then they broke for air and turned to look at me, still standing with my mouth open where they cut me off in mid-sentence.

“So,” I said, “I take it introductions aren’t necessary?”

Kat patted me on the shoulder and said, “Bless you, dear, we’ve known each other 20 years.”  And they proceeded to verbally revisit those 20 years.  I don’t think I have ever, in my whole life, been so successful at helping someone fit in as quickly I was today.


  1. Great job.
    I am glad that your power is on. I did give a prayer for you and those stranded without power. Power is so important for John to have for health reason and I know this true for others.

  2. Quilly ~ All I can say is “You’ve Got the Touch” with the introductions. Keep up the Good Work.

    Blessings my Friend

  3. SN — well, it’s definitely a small island!

    Melli — the hostess with the mostest.

    Betty — thank you for the prayers. Despite my mellow drama, my concern was for the people who needed the power. When I woke in the morning I sat in the sunny spot at my dining room table and did some craft work.

    Bill — but once I introduce people, they abandon me! Wahhhhhhhhhh. Oh. Okay. I’m over it.

  4. Well what do you know, it IS a small world!!Stories like that make me dream, of maybe somehow, someday somewhere ..; who knows huh?

  5. Jienthe — and this is an even smaller island.

    Juliana — yes. It is good that she wasn’t lonely. I know because suddenly I was. Waaaa! Wait. I’m supposed to be over that.

    Alice — okay. Thank you. I really do feel better now!

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