How the Platypus Came to Be

“It is done”, God said,
“It’s time to take a rest.”
The angels marveled at the sun and stars,
Jesus liked the Earth the best.

God’s workshop was a jumble,
And Gabriel started to clean.
He found a pile of extra parts,
And caused some kind of scene.

“You know I can’t stand waste, Lord.
“You’ve got to use these bits,”
“Can’t be done,” God told him.
“Nothing left there fits.”

“You’re the Lord!” Said Gabriel,
“Ain’t nothing you can’t do.”
So God jammed the bits together,
And made the platypus and you.


poem originally posted on David McMahon’s
Author Blog,
May 5th, 2008
Poet: Charlene L. Amsden

15 thoughts on “How the Platypus Came to Be

  1. yeah… i thought it might be something like that… at least platypus looks cute, unlike me…

    oh wait, what about that evolution thing?

    anyway, delightful poem. that charlene is a talented poet 😉

  2. Bazza — that’s what you remind me of! And I’d heard that T had a soft heart for small children and animals.

    Alice — yes, that is me. I have a poetry blog that is often ignored (by me as well as readers).

    Doug — some days I shine.

    Melli — but I believe it is the poem’s first appearance on this blog. You saw it on my poetry blog.

    Juliana — that evolution thing? Alive and working. We’ve evolved from cute to middle aged, haven’t we? (For more evolution go read OC’s new post.)

  3. Great poem. And that doesn’t come lightly. I normally don’t like poetry, but something about this just makes me feel warm. Must be the love and aloha that you infused in it.

  4. I saw over at Melli’s you were a little under the weather. Hope you are feeling a little better soon. Mainlanders brought it to you is how it got all the way over to Hawaii.

    Love the poem, too. Sending you some cybersoup and warm thoughts. I was a little chilly and funky feeling today, too. Needed a day off…that’s getting a little more frequent these days of coolness.
    Excep shopping with my dil…that’s why I was still tired! The ice storm yesterday kept me from resting.

  5. How cute! I have always said God has a sense of humor. Just look at the platypus. Then of course there is the giraffe. It is a tall spotted horse with a long neck.

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