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Automatic Answering System Upgrade

It has been several days since He last shaved.  She is enjoying his beard and likes to rub his face.  He was trying to read.  She was curled up next to him and reached up to rub his check.  He chuckled.

She said, “I know you think I’m an idiot -”

He made a sound of agreement.  She didn’t finish her sentence and just sat there staring at him.

His gazed stopped moving across the page.  A look of shock crossed his face and He turned to her. “Uh-”

Acting indignant, she exclaimed, “You think I’m an idiot!”

His eyes bulged.  He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, but no sounds emerged.

She cracked up laughing.  “I know you were reading and not listening to me,” She said.   “But you really need to stock your automatic answering system with more generic sounds — or you could start paying attention.”

“Ugh,” He said, and turned back to his book.


  1. Women do tend to have that habit of talking to you when you’re reading or listening to music and then getting annoyed when you don’t respond appropriately. Don’t you know we can’t multi task!

  2. What Bazza said, I am lucky I can drive and remember my route and talk to my customers at the same time. Multi-Task is not part of my being.

  3. At least he tried to provide the response he thought you wanted. Mine pulled a different tactic, and listened to every single word, repeated them back to me, and it was still obvious he was ignoring me. At least I can complain if he’s ignoring me. I don’t know what to do with someone who ignores me by paying attention to every single word I say!!

  4. I am like that too. When I am involved in reading a book a marching band could come through the living room and I would not notice.

  5. You know… sometimes I just have to EXCUSE OC for his behavior. You were rubbing his beard WHILE HE WAS READING!??? LMBO! You guys just crack me up!

  6. Nice try Bazza, but we aren’t expecting you to multi-task. We’re expecting you to listen to us.

    Bill — ah, but you’re safe. You’re single and aren’t expected to listen.

    Lisa — ask him to paraphrase what you just said. He’ll have to think to do that!

    Dr. John — I would ask OC to answer that, but he’s up to his eyebrows in deadlines right now.

    Betty — I once burned dinner black. Didn’t notice the house was filling with moke until it came between me and the words on the page!

    Melli — well, he was reading and I was leaning against him with my head on his shoulder and I didn’t really have anything better to do at the moment.

  7. Oh Quilly, I love the way you share these special moments with us. How I look forward to one day having someone in my life like that.

    In the meantime…. I deleted that promise to post that you commented on. Thanks for giving my head a shake, lol. I don’t have time for that! Sometimes I forget that I’m cutting back on commitments so I can do other things I want to do. Wheeeeewwww, that was close. Thank you, dear friend.

  8. just reverse the roles and you’ve got me and my, erm, significant other. he always tends to asault me with all kind of stuff when i’m doing something important, like reading.

  9. Hi there Quilly! Oh it feels so good to sit and visit here for a while. My goodness how I have missed this.

    What a funny and cute story. I love how you always tell these. And boy how I can relate. It is fun to tease about.

  10. mine has stopped answering altogether.

    now i talk to air.

    at least i get the answer i want. okay, i *don’t* get the answer i *don’t* want.

  11. Those positive uh-huhs we get when our man is not listening can cause him or us some trouble.
    I guess we should preface all conversation with HEY YOU!!! while banging on a cymbal. Then say what we want to say.

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