A New Way to Expand Young Minds

This is a real sign posted on a fuel tank at the University of Hawaii Manoa.  Someone from the English department should proof read it and add a period, or someone else may decide to break the rule (you know how college kids are) and add an exclamation point!

One puff of this stuff will totally blow your mind!

13 thoughts on “A New Way to Expand Young Minds

  1. Too Funny, my question how do you smoke a liquid??, Unless they are talking about putting it in Grandpa Walton’s Smoke House smoked with Hickory Chips.


  2. Grammar really makes or breaks a sentence.

    Hey…The BIG waves are coming I just saw on the Weather Channel. Not for Honolulu, but the north shore is going to have really big waves.

  3. Bill — I bet if one mixed it in the smoke house wood chips, the meal would be thoroughly tenderized, but I doubt it would be tasty.

    Thom — it’s funny how a tiny little mark can add — or detract — a whole world of meaning.

    Juliana — too bad. If you were still in the habit you could use it to heat your house ….

    Jientje — glad you enjoyed it.

    Melli — I know colleges are supposed to give kids new perspectives and ideas, but this one does seem a bit radical for even an ultra-progressive school.

    Capsun — periods cost money.

    SN — so this explains the smoldering undercurrents your new life has taken on!

    Andrew — I’m glad I warned you. That first attempt would have left quite an impression on you.

    Amber — yes, my camera and I should be at the North Shore right now, but I am here typing to you, and soon I am off to work. That’s how life is sometimes.

    Carletta — I do. They make for wonderful conversation starters and blog fodder!

    Doug — well, if you look closely at the top corner of the sign I think you can see a little splatter of someone who tried it ….

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