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Ruby Red Miniture Hibiscus

I was looking at all the Ruby Tuesday posts,
and feeling a little left out.
Here’s a bit of Macro-Ruby beauty for you —
a Miniature Hibiscus.

The idea for Ruby Tuesday comes from Mary, The Teach.  I am not formally joining her group because I have no time to skip out and visit the other blogs, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due.


  1. Hi Quilly. Love your little red flower. Great photo!! I too love joining in on many of the memes, yet just don’t usually have the time lately. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm as I ponder…2 things:

    1. Did toto do his business on this gorgeous as fertilizer?


    2. Did the Wizard have Dorothy click the ruby red slippers and instead of going back to Kansas she stopped off in Hawaii and wished for this beautiful flower?

    Eiher way…it’s wonderful

  3. LOL! That is a GORGEOUS mini Hibiscus — one of my very favorite flowers… you should have saved it for NEXT week! (i know… i know… it’s all very confusing…) ;P

  4. Carletta — eye popping, isn’t it?

    Reba — good dog!

    Alice — I don’t have time, either, which is why I didn’t sign into the linky on Mary’s page!

    Mar — actually, there seem to be several mini varieties. I have a yellow one and a butter cream looking one, too.

    Thom — I didn’t see any Toto droppings, and I don’t know anything ab out Dorothy’s itinerary, but this flower certainly is a bit of magic.

    Melli — and and Jientje are the ones who confused me!

    Gattina — I was feeling left out because all the blogs I visited were glowing Ruby Red and mine wasn’t. So I hurried back here and posted this photo and joined the glow!

  5. Juliana — I knew I had posted it on my photo blog, but you and Lew are almost the only ones who visit there.

    Dr. John — and now I have to repent for laughing at your sin!

    Andrew — at least one whole state

    David — maybe someday I will get there. I once thought I’d never get to visit Hawaii and look, I live here!

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