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  1. Boo Hoo Boo Hoo poor baby. Some tasks are just wet with water, gritty with sand and have the warmth of the sunshine casting down upon you. Sigh…I need to sign up for photography class.

  2. Quilly dear… WHEN I get to Hawaii and stay with you and OC, please remind me that I want to smack you upside your head for this post! Thank you. In the meantime, I will do my BEST to feel sorry for you. AW! POOR YOU!

  3. I feel so sorry for you. How can you stand to go to the beach. Wouldn’t you just rather fly to Wisconsin and take snow action pictures.

  4. I’m so saw-ree
    I’m so saw-ree
    I’m so saw-ree Auntie Quilly (Uncle Charlie)
    well, I never could carry a tune
    but I can be “emerald” green w/ envy 🙂

  5. Jill — I’m holding up pretty well as the martyr.

    Thom — there’s another one coming this summer!

    Ian — well, that’s the last time I go to you for sympathy! 😉

    Doug — Cue unrepentant laughter.

    Melli — remind you to hit me. Got it. (I might have been born in Idaho, but it wasn’t yesterday.) And you should feel sorry for me. It is a cloudy, gray day and I didn’t go to the beach!

    Amber — I will try my best to enjoy myself despite the fact that Jerry has given us such a harrowing assignment.

    Dr. John — maybe. Can they be action pictures of your grand-kids throwing snowballs at you?

    Gel — I do believe that is Uncle ALBERT.

  6. Uncle Albert…good one! You poor dear…I know you’ll suffer through and make the best of it.
    Twas ch-ch-chilly here today but the sun was out and the sunset was beeeuuuteeeful! It’s all good.

  7. Betty — honest! Would I lie to you?

    Shelly — it’s chilly here, too! I just put my bathrobe on over my tank top and shorts! I don’t own a sweater, a jacket, or a long sleeved shirt!

    Gattina — sorry, not trading you places. It’s my homework. I’ll suffer through somehow.

    Jientje — Finally! Somebody sensible and compassionate who understands what a trial it is to be me!

  8. It’s funny how you can get the wrong end of the stick sometimes. I thought you were complaining at the ‘action shot’ bit, seemed I missed the irony, still it’s early in the morning here!

  9. Let me get this straight. Okay….
    1- you are in Hawaii
    2- you are taking a photography class
    3- your assignment is to go to the beach and hang out basking in the warmth and sunshine while taking action shots
    4- I am in Canada in the dead of winter where we are having a cold snap… it’s currently -10C (14F), and every day is cloudy and gray, haven’t seen the sun in I don’t remember how long
    5- you want me to feel sorry for you

    Okay, I think I’ve got it now. Here goes….


    Have fun with your assignment, Quilly. I’ll work on working up some sympathy for you in the next day or two. :o)

  10. Juliana — when my comp died, it took all of my photos with it, and I’ve been to busy to go out and get more!

    Alice — this is my favorite comment of the week! You had OC and I both laughing out loud.

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