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Alphabet Photo Challenge

A few words before you enjoy the challenge:

She said, while stomping around with a camera in her hand
and a frown on her face,  “I need an F!”

He looked at her like she was crazy and said,
“That should be easy, hon.  Just don’t do your homework this week.”

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Three: E & F

The garden hose, just the way OC left it — and I clearly see an e, but I figured somebody would grouse, so:

A capitol E to go with.  Pft!


The F made a surprise appearance on OC’s bike.

And for those of you needing help seeing my vision:


  1. Yay! My blog was missing for 10 hours but it is back now! Oh what joy!

    Thom — thanks. Such compliments are what lead me to enroll in photography class.

  2. I see both the small e and the capital E. But I did need your help to see the f. Now it is all so clear. You must be having fun finding pictures within pictures. Good for you.

  3. YAY! I finally got IN! WOW! You did great! I would have stopped with the lower case “e” – pft to whoever gripes! An “e” is an “e”! But that’s such an enticing upper case E as well! And your F is reallllllllly clever! I felt sO lacking this week… *sigh*

  4. I tried earlier to see your E and F and your blog wasn’t loading for me…finally, I’m able to view!! I love the cursive “E”…and a branch?!!! Wow…you really DID your homework, and the dog, [tell your “hon”] didn’t eat it. [sorry]

    And the “F”…I’m sure glad you pointed it out, I would have never found it.

    Great Job! See you next week.

  5. Jules — I am having fun, when I’m not cussing Melli! (And maybe even when I am!)

    Juliana — I went to the tree to shoot the flower, but those branches spoke to me!

    Melli — I thought that someone might think I created the hose “e” myself.

    Anni — he meant my REAL homework for my photography class at the college!

  6. Unique F on OC’s Derailer, I actually thought the picture of the tree was your F. It is as if OC was behind this, leaving the hose in the shape of the E.

    Nice to have you back, All Systems Go

  7. I see I wasn’t the only one having trouble getting here today. 🙁

    Both are great E’s!
    I LOVE the branches – that is very cool!

  8. I like the lower case e the best.

    I noticed earlier that your blog was down, but I also knew by the error that there wasn’t much you could do about it, so I didn’t bother writing you to tell you. Why stress about what you can’t change?

  9. Way to go, Q! They’re all great. I’ve not had the chance this last bit to get out and do any photos, but hope to soon, and will be looking for letters in nature among other things, lol. I just realized I forgot to do my C is for ______ on a photo challenge I’m doing. Being out late last night and all that’s happening this week… sheeesh. Dr. told me today that I have Type 2 diabetes, as if I needed it in my life. I need a good night’s sleep before I think any more and will deal with it all as it comes.

  10. Doug — thank you, but what do you think of my photos?

    Cindy — it took me DAYS to see the F!

    Bill — well, OC is often a help to me, but this time it was accidental.

    Holly — and it would have been my F if I hadn’t found another!

    Carletta — I was having trouble getting here today and it about made me crazy!

    Dr. John — her wait was over at 10 p.m. Tuesday, Hawaii time.

    Betty — I sent you email.

    Lisa — my “host” said my blog was updated without incident. They and I have a very different concept of what “without incident” means!

    Andrew — and the other folks playing are even more amazing than I!

    Alice — you’ve been a bit busy and stressed. How is Reba?

  11. Quilly, Reba has a post up about how she’s doing… and I have one about my health too. I’m feeling well, all things considered… sigh.

  12. I couldn’t get in to see your blog on Wednesday — the links wouldn’t work, and I see from your comment above that you had trouble that day. But I wanted to come back to see your E and F. Great work on all — I like both Es! It took me a minute to see the F. Funny how after posting mine I began seeing Fs all over the place. 🙂

    Did the anecdote you began with really happen? That was a clever comeback. 🙂

  13. Barbara — sorry my answer is so late — I just fished your comment out of my spam filter!

    The anecdote I started with did really happen — OC is full of that kind of stuff. He keeps me laughingd.

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