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I Haz Oucheez

I was assaulted by a tile floor. Armed with a puddle of water, it forced me to tap dance, then launched itself at me in a full body slam. It tried to attack my camera, too, but I sacrificed my left hand to save it.

Inventory of oucheez:

Left hand, et al.
Left ankle & foot
Right knee
Right hip
Right elbow
Right shoulder
Ribcage at sternum

Fortunately, my whine is intact and working at optimal levels.


  1. Owwwww…so sorry to hear about the oucheez.
    I’m a big fan or Arniflora and Traumeel…’fraid you might be hurtin’ for a few days. ;(

  2. Shelly — my knee and my wrist are giving me evidence that supports your claim.

    Amoeba, my love — It was a’salt water and I thoroughly peppered it with some hot and spicy words.

  3. Ow, bummer. Hope you feel better soon. I’m halfway through Mina and The Carousel and enjoying it very much.

  4. Pft! Wine and Ibuprofen GO together! I think it says it right on the bottle! (one of the bottles) Quilly… you should never do battle with things that are bigger than you! And the floor is definitely BIGGER! I’m sO glad you saved the camera though! That IS the important thing.

  5. PS One glass (medium) of wine with Ibuprofen is ok. Not a bottle full. ;0)
    Also assuming you are not on a heap of other meds. Your liver processes alcohol and meds. Too much = overload. So if lots of meds, zero alcohol. Just a painkiller – moderation. one glass.

  6. Geez, Quilly! Leave the walking on water to the experts.

    As to the great ibuprofen+wine debate, I imagine the liver is pretty resilient and can handle it once or twice. Just don’t make a habit of it. But personally, if I’m wanting one, I’m not usually thinking of the other.

  7. You saved your camera from harm! Good job!
    Your poor boo boos.
    I bet your body is aching.
    Go ahead and whine, whine, whine.
    Take care, blog buddy.

  8. Wine and ibuprophen DO NOT GO TOGETHER EVER! Unless you want to kill your liver! Don’t make me go look for support on the web about this. No really it is super bad together.

    Whine all you want…it is a good thing for OC to take care of you…very good. You are sure there are no broken parts or anything, right?

    You need some tender luvin’ care for a few days if you didn’t take Melli’s advice and nothing is cracked, or just plain broken. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take better care of you, my friend. *gentle hug*

  9. Oh my do you have bruises all over now? I have a Hawaiian slang phrase going thru my head on how you fell but for the life of me…I have always been better able to talk it than spell it.

  10. Jientje — ibuprofen and bed left me feeling fine.

    Mumma — my liver and kidneys prefer very little of either substance, and definitely NOT together.

    Jane — I find it helps. OC wasn’t quite as certain ….

    Doug — I do feel better, thanks!

    Gattina — regrow — like a starfish.

    Melli — NOW you tell me!

    Cath — yes, and bigger, too! The floor was definitely bigger than I and it had no business picking on me! It’s a bully! (And, I know you’re a nurse so I trust your advice, but OC is closer and I really didn’t WANT my arm broken, so I didn’t try to drink any wine.)

    Juliana — of course I do! Now, convince OC.

    Bill — thank you. The prayers were helpful. I am not near as stiff and sore as I should be!

    Ian — thanks!

    Dr. John — I’m sorry about my fall, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lisa — LOL! This is my favorite comment on the post! You made me laugh out loud at work!

    JD — tell OC I have permission to whine.

    Amber — No worries. I am neither into meds or alcohol so I won’t be mixing them, honest.

    Carletta — I have lots of owie, but no weird colors.

    Jules — nope — see my comment to Carletta.

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