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A Blogger Visit

I meet the nicest people online.  You may have noticed a few weeks back that a new gentleman, Thom, started commenting on my blog.  I’ve visited his blog a time or two and we’ve traded email back and forth.  Then we started talking about meeting in person and shared the particulars of our addresses.  Thom lives less than a quarter-of-a-mile from our house!

Today, Thom came to dinner and he is every bit as nice as his comments and email lead us to believe.  He brought us wine, he brought me flowers — truly eye-popping, exotic flowers — and he spent an enjoyable afternoon with us.

Here we are.  Can you tell who is who?  If it helps, OC has a beard.  😉

Here are the flowers.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

We had a lovely time.  Next time, you all should join us.  But while you’re waiting for next time, why don’t you run by Thom’s place and say hello?  I talked him into taking the registration off of his blog, so you should be able to comment without hassle.


  1. Good for you three. I hope I might be able to meet up with Thom in person one day soon.

    Guesses on the hands:

  2. SN — anyone special?

    Melli — planes fly in every day!

    Thom — you are disqualified!

    Juliana — I’ve met several and they do appear to be real!

    Capsun — hmmm, you could have come to dinner. There was plenty of roast beef left over. And did you guess on the hand thing, or hold your cursor over the photo and read the answer there?

  3. How neat to meet up with a blog buddy!
    Thom brought you such pretty flowers!
    I’m glad you said OC has a beard, or I would have had a hard time knowing which of the men’s hands belonged to which man.

  4. I was the lucky one. And yes it is great meeting in real life. It will be a day to remember. I posted my thoughts on my blog.

  5. Thom — lol! You are a riot.

    JD — I’m glad to have helped!

    Jientje — well, it wasn’t quite as amazing as the day I met OC, but it was pretty special.

    Minkydo — thank you. I plan on taking MAcro shots, but I need to be home while it is still light!

    Thom — what are you babbling about?

  6. I enjoy reading when people make new friends this way.
    Amazing you two live so close to each other!

  7. I’m only now having time to come back and check on my guess for the hands. I did it the honest way, I didn’t even realize I could have moused over. And it took me forever to figure it out. I actually went back to find photos of OC (here and at the photo blog) and Thom (on Facebook)to guess on their hands. If only I had known the answer was literally at my fingertips!

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