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Postscript to A Weekend Challenge

If you haven’t read “Pretty Pink Panties,” you’ll want to do so before continuing on.

Eight years later I was sitting in a night club with three of my girl-friends.  One of them was showing off her flashy engagement ring and telling us all about The Proposal.  We were talking and laughing and teasing her, making wedding plans and dreaming dreams, when the waitress interrupted us with the delivery of a very frothy pink drink — for me.

“I didn’t order that,” I said.

“The gentleman at the bar did,” the waitress said.  And then, visibly uncomfortable she whispered, “He told me if I said,  Pretty Pink Panties,  you’d understand.”

Of course I laughed.  I did understand.  Both the waitress and I turned toward the bar, but no one was there.  It didn’t matter.  With that one little gesture he transformed embarrassment into romance, and it was sweet.


  1. Hmmmmmm I’m considering if is this is Quilly’s Fables Full of Follies. LOL Excellent postscript. I’m wondering how far Pretty Pink Panties continues on and my imagination is running wild!!!!

  2. Sorry, Thom. That’s the end of the story. It did occur in the writing of this second part that this vignette has the makings of a lovely romance novel, it never developed into one in real life.

  3. Thom — one would hope so since my romance with OC is tangible!

    Capsun — would it surprise you learn that it’s been about 35 years since I’ve even owned anything pink?

  4. I didn’t know you did the Night Club scene Quilly. It has been years since I stepped into such an establishment, with no desire to ever do so again.

  5. Bill — eight years after I was a freshman in high school, I was 22 years old. And yes, I used to go out dancing — in fact, I still like to dance — though it has been probably been 25 years since I stepped into a night club.

  6. Sorry, Jeff. RL has a lot more “ships passing in the night” than it does “happy endings”. This fella is nothing more than a funny-sweet memory. As far as I recall the closest we ever got was him holding the Home Ec room door open for my friends and me every morning and making me blush crimson with his greeting.

  7. Oh well at least you always will have those sweet memories of him and none of the nasty memories that a relationship and subsequent breakup would leave.

  8. I think it’s the perfect ending to the story, and I do mean ending. I’ve got a few of those stories myself, and though the guys always made me smile, I can’t imagine myself with any of them.

  9. Mumma — the perfect and ever enduring love is the one that never was.

    Lisa — and with this guy, everything I knew about him you now know, too.

    Carletta & Minkydo — better than ice cream?

  10. Jientje — the ladies loved it, the guys thought it scandalous. I am confused.

    Nessa — sweet and silly and charming.

    Juliana — yes. No day-to-day details to muck up the memory or dilute the romance.

  11. Well… I was HOPING that wasn’t the ending… but I see it is. *sigh*

    Amber thinks it’s weird that a guy would remember — but according to those books that Dennis and I read, that is the type of stuff EVERY man remembers! FOREVER!!! Quilly – your pretty pink panties live on in infamy!

  12. Amber — why would he forget something he said to me every day, about three times a day, for a year?

    Betty — closure, as they call it these days!

    Melli — that’s all folks!

    Dr. John — nope.

    SN — thanks.

  13. Haha ! that’s the kind of stories which could have happened to me !

    Honnestly I prefer not to see boys again I met when I was 20 ! It happened once and I was soooo dispappointed ! He had been a very handsome boy, all girls were running after him and 35 years later he was fat and grey and almost bald ! what a disappointment ! (I forgot that I probably have changed too !)

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