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Over The Top? And Other Housekeeping

Hold on to your hat’s peeps, you aren’t going to believe this.  Today, this very day, Amoeba O’Ceallaigh, my dearest darling love told me that sometimes, I am just a little bit over the top.  Me!  Can you believe that?

And then, right after he told me I’m over the top, he left for music practice.  So, there I was, all alone, standing on the steps at the back door and wondering, “Over the top of what?!”  I checked my shirt.  Everything was inside where it belonged.  I have no clue what he was talking about.



So, 3WT is a hit.  How could it not be with Dr. John running my PR campaign?  If you haven’t looked at the writer’s line up, pop on back over because you are going to want to give these stories a read.  I am amazed that we can all take the same handful of words and get such a wide range of stories.

Speaking of the words, thanks to a bit of a tangle (two of our participants tried to lift the 3WT vocabulary from Dr. John’s blog and got a whole primer full of extraneous verbage), all the words listed on 3WT can be found by clicking on the appropriate PAGES link in my sidebar.  You’ll note that some of my other writing is there as well.


Over the top.  Me?  I never would have thought ….


  1. Could have asked me and I would have come up with many many an example of you ‘over the top’… come by it honestly!!! none of those examples could be posted on a public blog, by the way. XOOXODX

  2. You are more thsn a bit over the top.
    They did not lift those words from me a leprechaun left them.
    You are to blame for quivel since without Quilly’s words there could be no quivel.Your child has become a monster but it is still your child. It serves no purpose to disown it.
    Your attitude activated my allergies and a huge sternutation has soaked my monitor. The worst zoilist I ever had was not that insensitive.
    I am thinking of sending you an anopisthograph or two by snail mail detailing how I feel.
    Have a good day.

  3. Over the top? Hmmm reserving judgment. Hopefully you will share the snail mail. Let’s hear it for the leprechaun!!!

  4. Thank you sO much for the list! I will try… WHEN I try… in the future to stick only to true Quillisms and try to steer clear of the Words Of The Fortress… which I think sOme of are made up anyway… don’t know why…

    YOU?! Over the top?! NEVER!

  5. Caryl — family secrets should remain family secrets — ecpecially when they are about ME!

    Nessa — thank you. I was counting on you and Melli for support.

    Dr. John — the Frankenstein Monster is blamed on Dr. Frankenstein because he is the one who brought it to life. Please note that the donors of the body parts earned no vilification. I am innocent.

  6. Cath — indeed!

    Thom — Dr. John does not need any encouragement. He is a master at casuistry and doesn’t need the volgivagant crowd starting a fracas in his honor. 😉

    Jientje — did you get your 3WT words from Dr. John instead of from me? And wrong would be the wrong word. He just made you work a lot harder than I would have, that’s all.

    Melli — please feel free to use any and all words that please you, just don’t give me undo blame credit for them.

    Carletta — You know, I thought, since he is a scientist, it took OC a bit too long to notice my over-the-top tendencies, then I remembered that he is a scientist. Maybe he’s spent the last three years testing his theory and is only now confident enough to reveal it.

  7. Now what’s with all that?
    Dr John did not GIVE me anything. I STOLE them. I found some words that I liked, clicked on the links and saved them to my computer. I then printed them and put them on my breakfast table to get used to them. I used the prints to write my Quivel. The challenge has been going on for five weeks without me in it. How am I to know which words are yours and which ones are made up by Dr John? I just found them easy to use with the links attached to them. Much easier to learn how to use them. What is this? A war of the words?

  8. Jientje — you seem to be getting upset. This whole thing is supposed to be fun. I am not upset. Dr. John is not upset. We are just teasing each other (and Melli and Thom have joined in) and I am certain none of us meant to stress you out! I’m so sorry.

  9. I have no way of knowing how you and Dr John relate to one another. I’m a new reader to Dr John’s blog. It felt like I must have missed something, but felt even more stupid not knowing what. I did not know what was what any more.
    Oh and um, it was the leprechaun who led me to the secret cellar where the words were stocked!

  10. That’s three times I come up here to tell you that I have an award on my blog for you!!I keep forgetting what I wanted to say!
    Now,it’s possible that you don’t care for awards much, I don’t know about that, but I’m giving it to you anyway,to say thank you for all the things you’ve taught me. You do not need to pass it on if you don’t want to?

  11. Amoeba — don’t worry. I will never go so far over-the-top that you can’t find me!

    Jientje — beware leprechauns, especially the volgivagant ones who hang out at The Fortress! I will come and see this award.

    Dr. John — ha ha, she likes me best. 😉

  12. i can’t decide which is more entertaining – the post or the comments.
    in any case, bwahaha!!!

    oh, and you, over the top? i would never have thought! what am i then, at nearly 6ft tall?

  13. Jientje — I am so glad you are not upset!

    Juliana — I have been telling people for years that the real joy and humor in my blog can be found in the comments!

    As to over-the-top, I don’t think OC was referring to my height or my bra size. I believe he means my personality is sized extra-large, which — given the rest of me — really shouldn’t surprise him.

  14. Wow.
    Comments can be very entertaining! I should read them more often…!
    (You are such a diplomat Quill. A skill I admire in anyone. Love from the China shop Bull with foot and mouth disease.)

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