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Photo Credit!

Schmap Honolulu Sixth Edition: Photo Inclusion — Me!


  1. That was interesting. It’s 10 here and I have had one long day so off to bed. Tony,Shirley,Margarita,Denise, Jamie,Hannah, Emmerson and Jakob are already in bed. I had 6 crab to clean and crack before I could call it a night!! XOOX

  2. Caryl — oh! I just exchanged greetings with Feliza online. Tell the gang — those of them that know me — hello.

    Nessa — thank you.

    Juliana — I’d rather be rich.

    Melli — No, well, if you count the Bridge pic the local news picked up, yes, that is two.

    Brooke — no. I’d starve. The photo wasn’t purchased. My reward is the by line.

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