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Melli’s Alphabet Photo Challenge

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Nine: Q & R


I was so excited when I found the Q, I hopped around with it and dang near injured myself.


And I am so darn proud of this r I feel like tooting my own horn, but I can’t.
This one — like all the other horns in the house — belongs to OC.

If you enjoyed this alphabetical vingette, please be sure to visit Melli and click on her links to see who else is playing.  And if you REALLY enjoyed it, grab a camera and play along.  It’s never too late to start.  Next week’s letters are S and T .


  1. Very good Q. It took me some time to see the r. I thought it looked a little bit lazy. When you flipped the photo over onto its side, I instantly saw it, and it’s perfect.

  2. Oh I can SEE you doing the Q dance now!!! I was dancin’ on BOTH of mine! Q’s are NOT just everywhere! And that is a very classy “r” ya got there! I LOVE it!

  3. That is a GREAT Q! I don’t have scissors like that now, but used to, and I don’t know if I would have seen it. Though since we’ve started this I’m seeing letters everywhere.

    The R took a little more work to see, but there it is! Great finds!

  4. They awre always so easy to see after you point them out but I could have looked at that scissors every day and never seen a Q.

  5. Sorry about the spelling errors….my typing also leaves somethig to be desired, although I can really do both there is no proving it with my posts !!

  6. I really am brain dead, I was trying to figure out if that was some unusual kind of scissor that started with the letter Q…jeez.

  7. Hi Quilly. Another fabulous post here. It amazes me how you manage to find all the letters where there are none. Thanks for reminding me to make the ABC Wednesday post again this week. Gee, Toastmasters is starting to cut into my blogging just a bit too much… may have to quit that. (not).

    Reba and I both posted our Three Word Thursday stories a bit early as I will be out all day tomorrow and didn’t want to miss it. I’ll swing by tomorrow evening when I’m home and have a read.

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