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Magic Strikes


Romantic Times Review Choice Award

Today is a Magical day! Today is the day, Magic Strikes, comes out in the books stores. Run to your favorite book store now and pick up a copy. It will not be there later then you’ll have to stand around waiting for the reorder while everyone else is reading and talking about the book. You know what that’s like and don’t really want it to happen to you!

Magic Strikes is written by Ilona and Gordon Andrews, a husband and wife team.  Their stories are can’t-put’em-down, nail-biters full of unexpected laughter, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and enough sexual tension to burn down Atlanta.

Magic Strikes is an urban fantasy that takes place in a modern day Atlanta that you have never seen.  It is populated with banshees, werebeasts, shape-shifters, vampires, necromancers and other creepies that crawl the night.  Kate Daniels walks through this world with a mission — to kill the man who killed her mother — her path to vengeance isn’t smooth and along the way she makes allies and foes of some very powerful people; many who, if they knew Kate’s birthright, wouldn’t hesitate to join the other side.

Magic Strikes is book 3 in the Kate Daniels series.  If you haven’t already read them, you’ll want to pick up Magic Bites and Magic Burns as well.   Click on the links for my reviews.

Read more about Ilona Andrews.


  1. Oh… I’m so sad to tell you that I HAVE both of the first two … and I can’t get IN to them for anything… BUT, the good news is Dr. John thinks BETTY would like them – and I will give them to her!!! THEN she will probably buy the *NEW* one!

  2. And by the way I lived in Atlanta for 8 years and there’s nothing unusual about werebeasts, etc. What I’d admire some fiction author to dream up is an Atlanta vegetarian.

  3. I went to get mine and it had not come in yet (I went a day early) so I bought five others to hold me over.

    Doug, two non-PC comments in a row? So non-Californian.

  4. Dr. John — monters, humor, violence, good guys, epic adventure — these books have it all!

    Melli — given your other reading choices, I thought you might find this stuff a bit too far from reality. Different strokes for different folks!

    Doug — why? This book is written by a HUSBAND and wife team, and there is plenty to appeal to both sexes. Lot’s of faced paced action, blood, guts, strewn entrails …. And I’ll tell Ilona you want a vegetarian in one of her books. She’ll still manage to make it creepy, trust me on this.

    Nessa — the book stores here put them out on the shelves on or before March 24th. OC grabbed mine on his way home from work!

    Melli — why are you asking ME! Ask Doug! Even if I was clairvoyant, he’s all the way in California and that’s a lot of ocean to surf just to pick up some foolish, SEXIST stray …. you know, I’m not certain I want to call it thought.

    Juliana — and her first book in her new (second) series comes out in September! I am already waiting by the mailbox for the Amazon delivery!

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