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From Writer’s Digest:

April Poem-A-Day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month, and Poetic Asides blogger Robert Lee Brewer is calling all poets (and even non poets) to take part in his annual Poem-A-Day Challenge! Last year, more than 400 poets posted more than 4,000 poems during the month of April and turnout this year is expected to be even greater.

Participants who complete the poem-a-day challenge will receive a certificate, an online badge (for display on your blog or website) and will be considered for publication in a free eBook designed by Writer’s Digest’s own wonderful designers.

Participation is free. All you have to do is show up to the Poetic Asides blog on April 1, write a poem a day, and have a great time. For more details, visit: Poetic Asides.

To which I responded — on the Poetic Asides blog, of course:

A Poem

Stare at the paper.
Take pen in hand.
Thought vaporizes —
How does one begin?

I don’t know if I am really in or not, I don’t need another committment!  Thirty days of poetry … and my sisters will hate it because most of it won’t rhyme!


  1. I’m sure I don’t want to do this to my readers!
    But I love yours. It describes exactly how I feel about this week’s three word challenge. That too is a blank!

  2. I LOVE it! Did you even KNOW that today’s theme was “outsider”? Your poem fits perfectly… your feeling like a poetic outsider! Exactly how I feel about TWT – UNLESS I can fumble a poem out of it! Which I did. today. Just for you!

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