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April — A Poem A Day

Passing Through

Inside, outside. Outside, in.
My mother grabbed my ear.
“Don’t run through this house again,
“Or I will tan your rear!”


Poetic Asides, Day 2
Prompt:  outside


  1. Jientje — uhm, no.

    Melli — I loved yours!

    Doug — I am in a quandary. Is this a lament about a month’s worth of bad poetry, or surprise that I was expected to behave? (Why do you think the grownups wanted me dead?).

  2. It seems to me
    that poems can be
    short or long, easy or hard
    and in the end it makes you a bard

    It gives you a choice
    to write out your voice
    But just make sure
    that the words are pure

    In coming to a close
    I choose a prose
    It makes no sense
    So I’ll just sit on the fence

  3. Nessa — and a true story, too!

    Jientje — ?

    Dr. John — I am pleased to please you.

    Thom — so, have you entered the poetry challenge?

    Barbara — and are both your ears the same size? I have one I think is just a bit bigger …

    Andrew — have you actually administered the spanking? If you do it once, the threat has a bit more umph to it.

  4. You actually call that a poem? I call it a bunch of words with a word that has a rhyme (sp) at the end of each sentence. LOL

  5. Thom — you spelled rhyme correctly. A poem is a stylized collection of words (which means the sentences are broken into bits [verses, stanzas, etc,] and punctuation doesn’t matter). Those words concentrate a spotlight on a particular subject in a creative (new and unusual) way. A poem is written with intent to direct (manipulate) a reader’s thoughts and/or emotions (stir laughter, tears, anger, thought, etc.).

    Your “collection of words” were written in a stylized (rhyming) manner. Most of your verses scanned (had the same number of syllables and matching beats) and your rhymes worked. Your poem is written in a manner that highlights your confusion with poetry (there’s your spotlight on one idea) and it moves its readers to chuckle (manipulating emotions). So, yes. I call that a poem.

  6. Now you have even confused me even more.

    So I will pass
    and it wont be gas
    on writing a poem
    ouch I can’t find a word to rhyme
    so I”ll quit this time

  7. Short and to the point. Well done Quilly!! I would love to join in the fun… and just have way too much on my plate in April to be sure I could post a poem each day. Definitely getting around to read the others would not happen. Keep up the great work.

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