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April — A Poem A Day

The Problem With Writing Poetry

The Problem with writing poetry,
(the sort that has a rhyme)
Is that my mouth just spouts the stuff
And I talk in four/four time.

I sit down to write a note
About some telephone call,
And leave the message written in rhyme
Upon the kitchen wall.

Every word I write or speak
Has to have a mate.
I’ll end up without any friends
If I continue at this rate!


Poetic Asides, Day 3
Prompt: The  Problem With ____


  1. Boy do I know that problem.
    Your poem creates pictures in my mind. I guess a good poem should do that.
    You are so good with words.

  2. I doubt that is true
    As the cow does a moo
    Your friends will not leave
    unless you give them a heave
    I know that you heard
    that some of us are nerds
    but being here we learn
    to use words that we yearn

  3. Wow you are good! Very natural.

    I felt the rhythm and it reminds me of
    “The wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is Tiggers are wonderful things…!”

  4. The problem with friends who flee
    Because of rhyming poetry
    Is that their hearts are all askew
    And if they only knew
    The sad look on your little face
    Your poetry they would embrace
    Just as I do
    Cuz I love you!

  5. Cherie – can you tell I am a Shel Silverstein fan?

    Nessa — yo’ve struck with me through every phase of my blog since the beginning.

    Jientje — πŸ™‚

    Sauerkraut — I know her!

    Dr. John — my ego likes you.

    Thom — for some it’s a crime to talk in rhyme. πŸ˜‰

    Minkyo — why thank you! But did you like the poem?

    Cath – -it does kind of have that bounce, doesn’t it?

    Melli — some people can’t be bothered with the story or the rhyme. Some people are my friends and stop by all the time. I love you, too.

    Barbara — I don’t know how inspiring it is, but it’s fun! I’m glad you liked my library journey.

    Betty — you are too sweet.

    Andrew — I wonder if Dr. Seuss talked in rhyme all the time?

  6. So do you really think I”m going to do the poetry challenge? Let’s see what charge would it be and I suppose they would throw away the damn key.

  7. Thom — the poems you were posting here in the comments weren’t all bad. They weren’t all good, but I have seen much worse! In fact, I’ve likely written worse.

  8. WoHOOOO, Quilly!! I totally LOVE this one. I’ve gone through times in my life when everything was rhyme. Almost drove me crazy… and I wish it would come back so I could get back to writing loads of poems.

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