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A Poem A Day (4)

How The Platypus Came to Be

“It is done”, God said,
“It’s time to take a rest.”
The angels marveled at the sun and stars,
Jesus liked the Earth the best.

God’s workshop was a jumble,
And Gabriel started to clean.
He found a pile of extra parts,
And caused some kind of scene.

“You know I can’t stand waste, Lord.
“You’ve got to use these bits,”
“Can’t be done,” God told him.
“Nothing left there fits.”

“You’re the Lord!” Said Gabriel,
“Ain’t nothing you can’t do.”
So God jammed the bits together,
And made the platypus and you.


Poetic Asides, Day 4
Prompt: pick an animal; write a poem

Yes, I know, this is from my archives, but it fits the prompt and I am very, very busy!


  1. OF.COURSE! If HE doesn’t use that one in his Ebook, he’s … well, I won’t be mean! But he SHOULD use it!

  2. The poor old platypus
    put together in a schnoos
    Quilly did a good job
    by not making him a slob
    Three cheers for the author
    She is quite the scribe
    I guess the Lord listened
    and took her bribe

  3. I love that one, the first time I read it I had to google platypus to get the point. You did right digging it out of the archives, especially on a busy night! 😉

  4. Thanks to you I learned another word and enlarged my general knowledges about the bible !
    I didn’t know what a “platypus” was and now I think that I must have been that in my former life because I love to chatter !

  5. Melli — you are my greatest fan — or at the very least right up there with OC and my sister.

    Cherie — thank you.

    Thom — Oi. Okay. You aren’t a poet. What do you know. You were right. But only this once.

    Doug — I am glad you like it.

    Jientje — company this morning and OC had a concert tonight.

    Bill — thank you.

    Gattina — boy, I sure hope you aren’t considering this poem Bible teaching!

  6. Well it might be from your archives but *I* haven’t seen it before and I think it is brilliant!
    Accounts for a lot that does… 🙂

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