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Of Vampires, Mocha Lattes & Blogging

Thom called.  He wanted to know was I home and could he come over for a demonstration in adding photos to blogs?  I told him I was home and he was welcome to visit.

A bit later the phone rang.  Again it was Thom.  He asked what I wanted from Starbucks.  I thanked him and told him I wanted nothing.  He said he was getting me something, and I was going to have to drink it, so it would probably be best if I told him what I liked.  I saw the sense in that and requested a Mocha Latte.  He brought me two.

After the yummy coffee cake (he brought that, too) was eaten and some beverages were sipped, we dove into the innards of our blogs, he on his baby laptop and I on my monster desktop.  I showed him how I post a photo and get the text to wrap.  He was most appreciative of the info.

Then he showed me how to add widgets to my blog (it is a bit different when one owns one ‘s own website, although we did find a lovely widget installing widget).  We kicked around a few other topics and even discussed all of you — but only in the nicest ways, like, “How long have you known …” And,  “Who is related to who and how?” And, “What do you mean this person and that person are the same person?  They have two different names!” And, “How the hell many blogs do you have, anyway?!”

Then we got around to discussing Thom’s blog.  That’s when I remembered this post: Photos From Nevada, and the comment Bill made wondering about photos of Thom.  So I grabbed my camera.  I wanted to take a photo of Thom to share with all of you.

I pointed the camera at Thom and it would not work.  It kept going crazy and refused to focus.

Okay, I thought.  We’ll do it the hard way.  I took the camera off auto-focus, and sighted the picture manually — and the shutter wouldn’t engage.  No matter how hard I pushed the button or how long I held it, the shutter didn’t click.

I took the lens off the camera and put it back on.  I tried again — both manually and auto-focus.  The shutter wouldn’t engage.  Thom went about poking around the internet and ignoring my hysterical, “My camera won’t work!” rants.

Then OC came into the room.  I pointed the camera at him and pushed the button.  Click.  I got a photo of OC.

Cool, I thought.  The lens must not have been attached properly.  I pointed the camera at Thom, pushed the button — and the shutter did not engage.  That’s when I realized:

Thom is a vampire.

I thought you would probably want to know.


  1. <————– ROFLMAO big time.

    And ranting big time she did I must say. I told you I’m not the photogenic type that’s why I’m rarely in pictures. I do it to every camera LOL It was a wonderful visit. It is funny Quilly but on the blogs today I noticed a lot of what we discussed about being ourselves and self worth was very prevelant. And wait until you see Manic Monday…I swear I didn’t do the formatting either. Something happened and well…you will see. Thanks for the company it was great 🙂
    P.S. Next time I’m making Starbucks give me a lid with no hole in it

  2. So that explains the buzzing in my ears?

    ROFLMAO about the camera!!
    Oh and Melli?
    I’m a woman with a mission now. I can’t wait to use MY magic on him.

    Whahahahahaha! I wonder if it’s gonna be worse than dragons eh?

  3. HA! Well he seems like a nice vampire anyway. Any vampire that brings you coffee cake has to be a decent fellow.

    Yes, widgets are a bit different when you have your own website. Everything is a bit different when you have your own website.

  4. ROFL! Well, this explains MUCH!

    What’s even funnier is I had camera issues on Friday! When I got home from the mall with Luz, almost every picture I took that whole day was blurry… and then my camera got stuck in the OPEN position and I actually broke a piece off trying to fix it! I just knew I was going to have to take it to the camera shop… and you KNOW how stressful that would be! And then… suddenly… it just worked! And it’s been fine since! GRRRRR!

  5. even the vampires in hawaii are nice folks!
    and we have to make do with those transilvanian bloodsuckers and the smell of garlic! yuck!

  6. Are you SURE you coffee wasn’t drugged? He DID bring you two after all to make sure lots of drugs got in you.
    Once you were asleep, he most likely sucked your blood.
    Have you checked for fang marks?
    Your camera knew it!!!!!

  7. okay i’m too late to make a comment about you getting turned into a vampire yadda yadda yadda.

    how about…


    yes. the CAMERA is a demon. a hench-camera, sent from the bowels of hell. hopefully, it didn’t take your soul whilst not capturing the vampiric image.

  8. Thom — ha! I have opposable thumbs. I know how to pry the lid off!

    Jientje — you may break your camera on Thom’s face if you like. I think I’ll point mine elsewhere!

    Lisa — he seems upstanding enough.

    Melli — perhaps it was a global curse?

    Nessa — you know, that logic makes sense in a confusing sort of way.

    Amber — well, how was I to know he was a vampire before hand?

    Doug — you’d like him, though. Every afternoon he takes a Beagle for a stroll around the neighborhood.

    Juliana — I like garlic!

    Barbara — I was too, afterward when my camera worked again!

    Minky — glad to bring you a smile.

    Cath — well, I let him in, didn’t I?

    JD — one of those coffees is in the freezer becoming a frappacino, and my neck is blemish-free.

    Dr. John — OC is now questioning my sanity.

    Zerilda — that’s what really has me worried!

  9. Cherie – -would you laugh if there was a vampire in your living room?

    Willow — yeah, but with those super high SPF sunblocks they have nowadays, day no longer holds any threat.

    Tom — you’re liking all the attention, I see.

  10. Does his skin sparkle in the sunlight? According to Stephanie Meyer, that’s the true test.

    Not that I’ve read the books or seen the movie, but you can’t escape pop culture when you work with teens.

  11. Sounds like an awesome visit. You are both so fortunate to know each other and live close enough to visit while the rest of us are scattered around the world and likely will never meet in person… oh, I’m so jealous. (hehe)

    As for Thom being a vampire… I have to tell you that a vampire doesn’t stop your camera from working. You can still take the photo, it’s just that the vampire doesn’t show up in it. Now, making the camera not work like happened to yours sounds more like a witch/warlock trick. Thom sounds like that type to me. :o)

  12. Jientje — aha! you are sensible!

    Bill — nose twitching is a girl thing.

    Mumma — ooooooooooooooooooh, kay. i don’t know. We were inside.

    Alice — the camera works with mirrors. Vampires don’t reflect in mirrors — that’s why the camera wouldn’t focus. However, now that you mention it, there is a bit of a wart at the end of Thoms’ nose …..

    Thom — be you witch or warlock the safest place to be is far from your side!

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