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Don’t Try This on Dry Land

I went diving the other day.  Unfortunately, I was on dry land at the time.  The good news is, I am fine.  The bad news is, my camera isn’t.

When I got off the bus, the wind was blowing and the air held a hint of rain.  I was four blocks from home.  “Time to boogie,” I thought.  “Or I’m gonna get wet.” I ducked my head and charged into the wind.

Okay, I’m short and fat and my best charge is a brisk walk.  Even so, I was moving at a good pace when I reached the first crossroad.  I looked over my left shoulder for on-coming traffic without slowing down.  I stepped off the curb into a hole and executed a beautiful swan dive onto the pavement.

I landed on my hands and knees by the curb.  My satchel landed in the middle of the road.  The lens to my camera landed several feet beyond that and rolled to the far curb.   I knew before I retrieved it that it wouldn’t be taking any more photos.

I picked it up and went home, pretty much ready to cry.  I’d broken a small blood vessel in my left hand and blood pooled under my skin, my right knee was roughed up and seeping blood, but it was my heart that suffered most.  No more pictures.


  1. Oh dear! That smarts. I’m afraid that I’m talking from personal experience on that one, sans camera. Glad that you’re physically okay even if your camera lens didn’t make it.

    Cherie’s last blog post..Three Word Thursday

  2. Quilly! I know if it were my camera I too would cry and hurt more about that than myself. My camera, and I’m betting yours too, has become another appendage as it is.
    I’m so sorry. Glad though that you weren’t hurt anymore than you were.

    Carletta’s last blog post..Anybody Seen Homer Simpson?

  3. I hope you are OK Quilly, Thom is right cameras can be replace, next time get the driver to stop closer to where you need. At CT we have what is called Drivers Discretion, I am sure the buses you ride have the same.


    Bill’s last blog post..The Good Old Days !!!!!!

  4. Quilly can’t be Quilly without a camera… we need to take up a collection! You better set up a Paypal account! Pass the hat! *sorry about the boo boos too… but I know what’s important…*

    Melli’s last blog post..Good Friday…

  5. Oh that is heartbreaking. I feel for you. Hope the knee gets better but the camera… I feel for you. Replaceable, but not the same character.

    You need to replace asap too. Quilly without camera is like sky without sun. 🙁

  6. Aw, that’s terrible news. Now how am I going to learn the alphabet?

    Best wishes for a whole knee and a new camera.

  7. Right now, folks, the Quill is experiencing a classic case of second-day stiffness and is complaining about it. Which means she’s fine and healing. [ducks] And as for the camera, this is as good a time as any to post a two-week early warning that somebody’s birthday is coming …

    the amoeba’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, My Love!

  8. well, if your body parts are all in place, a new lens is a must! we can’t be without your photos for long.
    i suppose sigma has an array of lenses for nikon at a reasonable price. an 18-125mm (or perhaps 18-200mm if you can afford it) would be a great all purpose choice…

    juliana’s last blog post..Verdant

  9. Capsun — I still have my mini Canon. I can take pictures, but the quality won’t be the same — nor will my joy.

    Cherie — this morning I am stiff and sore, but mostly fine.

    Carletta — yes, I was whining to OC about my camera and he was too busy trying to look at my owies to pay attention! He said the camera was replaceable!

    Thom — OC said that thing about replacing the camera, too. You men are so strange!

    Bill — the bus couldn’t come up these streets! They are narrow as it is and cars park on either side. I should have just paid attention while I stepped off the curb.

    Lisa — thank you!

    Melli — relax. I still have the old Canon A560. I won’t have to sit out any challenges while awaiting a new lens — and I’ve placed a couple of bids on eBay.

    Cath – -the camera is fine. It is the lens that broke. I just buy another and screw it on.

    Barbara — actually all I lost was the lens, but it cost more than the camera body!

    Doug — Y and Z are already waiting in the wings!

    Amoeba — or SuperAmoeba — I love you dearly.

    Nessa — I am SORE.

    Juliana — Sigma only wants $500.00 for what Nikon wants $1000.00 for — but it’s all out of my price range! OC just negated my lens choice. He said, “So, what’s cheaper, one metal mount lens, or three plastic mount lenses?”

    AND he bought me a specialty camera. It seems my auto focus will only work with a G series lens. G Series cost more than all the others. sigh However, manual focus won’t kill me. Right?

  10. I know how you feel. I had a great camera once. I took it with me to Nicaragua and there it died. That meant no pictures on the trip. Sometimes things just happen.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..The Outsider

  11. Oooohhh NO!!!! Oh Quilly, how awful!
    You cannot go on without a camera, but from what I understand reading the comments, this is only a temporary problem and it will be solved soon! Like Thom says, camera’s can be replaced and it looks like your OC thinks so too! Same thing happened to me when mine broke down last year in London. One week later I had a new (and far better) one!!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Would you?

  12. Melli — SuperAmoeba is my hero.

    Dr. John — I went on a trip all right, but it wasn’t as exotic as Nicaragua. I am sorry you got no photos. I hoped the other people on the trip shared.

    Jientje — I mislead you. My camera itself didn’t break — only the lens, which is replaceable, but not cheap.

    Juliana — thank you, you and Melli are too sweet, but I don’t want money from my friends, just love & sympathy.

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