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  1. Wish OC a Happy Birthday for me Quilly, remember to bring good luck to the Birthday Boy his nose has to be dabbed with butter, though Margarine also works.

    It is from the ways of Old Nova Scotia, whether it works or not I do not know.

    Bill’s last blog post..The Good Old Days !!!!!!

  2. Thom — he requested homemade mac & cheese. I served it with baked pork chops.

    Doug — you should have better wished him a nap!

    Bill — OC researched your tradition online, but chose not to participate. We put the grease IN him, in the form of icing.

    Juliana — I placed a couple of bids on eBay for me. I got the birthday boy nothing … but I instigated two parties and cooked him a special meal.

    Nessa — none. I live my life on the principle that if I hit someone, they may hit me back (and my birthday follows OC’s).

    Jientje — 24/7/365 — and he won’t tell you otherwise.

    Cherie — that’s what folks say when we walk down the street holding hands.

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