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April 14th — A Poem A Day

My Brown-Eyed Sue

Susan, bold as she can be,
Pretends no maiden modesty;
… flaunting her charm,
… city garden or farm,
She is a sight to see.

Brown gaze lifted toward the sky,
Bold as the sun, yet soft as a sigh;
… sweet blossom of spring,
… a pretty, young thing,
She sings, give love a try.

Susan, fresh as she can be,
Dances in fields wild and free,
… bumble bees in her hair,
… yellow skirts all a flair,
She is the love for me!


Poetic Asides, Day 13
Prompt: write a love poem

photograph originally posted on Controlled Chaos
July 27th, 2006
Photographer: Rob Harrington


  1. Melli — thanks!

    Jientje — great name!

    Nessa — thank you!

    Juliana — [beaming with pride]

    Bill -thank you

    Dr. John — I’ll take praise from any source

    Church Lady — all mine, and check out my blog roll.

    Gattina — so is pollen. Ahcoo!

    Mar — does that mean you like it? 😉

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