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Assorted Announcements

OC is sick.  His voice is all scratchy.  His eyes and his nose are running.  His spirits and energy are flagging.  His enthusiasm has died.   Only his whine seems to be in good working order.

And, Easter Sunday I tripped out to Makaha all by my onesy and went to a poolside barbecue at the home of some friends.   After the food was all cooked and gobbled (yum), we tripped back to their apartment where child showered and retreated to her room to read, dad stretched out on the couch to sleep watch TV, and my friend logged onto the net to show me her brand-new blog and ask for pointers and questions.  I did what I could to help — now it’s up to all of you.  Go say hello to L at Ordinarily Just Me — and don’t let the title fool you, she’s anything but ordinary.

And I’m very late announcing this one, but our very own eggciting Lisa has created a blog for fun and play.  She has aptly named it:  The Madness of LDBolton .  Run over there, too, and welcome her back to the world of frivilious blogging.


  1. Frivilious?

    And how come you’ve waited all this time to tell me you hear a whine? That could be a bearing burning out. Needs to be fixed

    : (ah-choo!) *

    the amoeba’s last blog post..Cold Comfort

  2. Amoeba, my poor, abused, sick darling —

    That smoldering scent which occasionally penetrates your clogged nostrils is probably from the friction burn on your glowing, red nose. Now aren’t you glad I insisted on the extra soft tissues?

    FRIVILIOUS adj frivolous, with extra emphasis

  3. Get better, OC. I didn’t know just hearing about Kung Fu Hamlet would be enough to induce illness! 😉

    Thanks, Quilly. Now, if only I can get enough frivolity to blog about something frivolous!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Hearts and Lace

  4. Bill — thanks.

    L — I don’t know why Melli is the only one who has visited! I am sure the others will make their way there!

    Nessa — so said the kids in the ministry I lead for 6 years.

    Betty – -thank you.

    Lisa — OC was sick before you mentioned it, so it only caused a relapse!

    Doug — why would he want to? He’d have to go to work and all the attention would stop! I’m thinking about getting sick … Oh, wait. That was last week and it wasn’t really as much fun as it sounds. Never mind.

    Thom has a death wish.

    Jientje — OC appreciates all well-wishes.

  5. i’ve heard common cold is a lethal disease. it may take many attempts and a good number of years before it kills its host, though.
    get well, OC!

    juliana’s last blog post..Busy bee

  6. Juliana — while I was doing the obligatory spousal whining about my sick man, he was reading between the lines and wondering if I thought him too much trouble. He knows how I hate to spoil a good story for the sake of the truth, but I now feel I need to admit he isn’t a horrid patient at all and he’s really been no trouble at all other than hiding the Kleenex from me (he carried it off to his desk) and looking like a sad and woeful puppy who doesn’t know why he’s being made to suffer so.

    Thom — careful or the next time I invite you over it will be for a stake.

    Dr. John — thank you. He is home again today, snotting and blowing and hopefully resting; although I suspect he’s at his desk working.

    quilly’s last blog post..April 14th — A Poem A Day

  7. Church Lady — OC managed his Easter Choir duties and played his trumpet beautifully despite a horrid headache. The service was lovely — and the time afterward with friends was quite fun.

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