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  1. Who said I didn’t have any fun??? I had two martini’s over dinner! Then I discovered MOM wore 5 pairs of underpants on our trip today! HOW MUCH MORE FUN CAN A BODY HAVE???

    So… I won’t share my BAD poem on MY blog tonight – but I’ll share it with you — just so you can know how much BETTER your little Haiku is! Here ya go! Read it and weep!


    Baptised by rain
    in Maryland in the name of the Father
    in Pennsylvania in the name of the Son
    in Ohio… in the name of the Holy Spirit
    Holy Toledo!
    I’m there!

    Melli’s last blog post..HOLY TOLEDO!!! I’m heeeeeere!!!

  2. Barbara — thank you.

    Juliana — 5-7-5 Old School.

    Bill — this one is from my archives.

    Amber — bless you. Here’s a tissue. 😉

    Nessa — yes, remembering. I dug it from my archives.

    Melli — I really think that poem should be on your blog, not buried in my archives!

  3. I wish spring would show up. We were teased with a couple of days of 60° and sunshine. Now it’s back to the 30-40s. I guess I should be grateful that it’s not below zero anymore and the white stuff is gone for a couple of months. *lol*

    Minkydo’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday

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