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Getting to Know Meme ….

Recently a few of your comments have surprised me.  I have been left with the feeling that some of you have a much higher opinion of me than I deserve.  To set the record straight, I have devised my very own meme.  This ought to melt a couple of solid gold pedestals:

My Seven Most  Scurrilous Sins

1.) I have been known to drink – -and enjoy — a beer.

2.) I have been known to drink and enjoy a glass of wine.

3.) When I am frustrated, I enjoy the taste and texture of a good curse word.

4.) I drink soda pop straight from the can

5.) I eat my chicken with my fingers.

6.) My hair isn’t really blond.

7.) When I am irritated, sarcasm is a tool I know and use well.


  1. Well, Quilly my dear, my opinion of you just went up a few notches. I have had to quit #4 and #6 due to health issues, I don’t think I’ve even been much for sarcasm though some may argue that… otherwise, I totally feel at home with the rest of them.

    I answered your question on my blog, so you can go back any time and read my comment right after yours, and follow link I added, if you like.

    Alice in BC Canada’s last blog post..*** I Am Grateful ***

  2. I eat chicken with my fingers too ! otherwise it’s far too complicated and I would loose my appetite !:-)

    Gattina’s last blog post..

  3. Alice — you had to quit dying your hair for your health? did you develop an allergy?

    Mar — only expensive, imported beer, of course!

    Gattina — you are a prize.

    Minky — feel free if you want to take it for a spin. That’s what memes are for!

  4. Bill — There you would be, driving your bus, your died hair blowing in the breeze and all your bus wenches running their fingers through your hair … I’d watch in on youtube, of course.

  5. *Open mouthed GAPE!* NO! Say it ain’t SO!
    Quilly SARCASTIC??? That is one that I have worked sooooo hard to remove from my reportoire… is that spelled right? WOW! I used to be HORRIBLY sarcastic. And a few people can still bring it out in me.

    You shoulda heard some of the things I said last night when I found Mom wandering the hotel halls at 3:00 in the morning!

    I’m not sure I can do this meme… I seem to confess my sins as they happen! I DO eat chicken with my fingers though! Well, sOMe chicken!

    Melli’s last blog post..HOLY TOLEDO!!! I’m heeeeeere!!!

  6. Quilly, I know your haircolor comes from a bottle. But what am I supposed to do- pretend you’re a redhead?! Until you choose a different shade, you’re a blonde.

    I’m not shocked by the rest.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Hearts and Lace

  7. Yes, I had picked up on the sarcasm. 🙂

    I eat chicken (and ribs!) with my fingers, too. I consider that more practical than sinful unless at a formal occasion where I would hope they’d have the good sense not to serve chicken or ribs.

    No alcohol for me, thanks — I saw enough of the stuff and its effects when I was growing up. I know there is a difference between an occasional drink and alcoholism, but I just don’t want to touch it. Besides, I tend to have, if not an addictive nature, then one that grows attached to its habits too easily, so I don’t want to tempt myself with that one.

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Catching up

  8. Aaaah. You’re human?

    That’s perfect. I love you just the way you are.

    Right now I’m SO in the mood for #3. Aaaargh!

  9. Melli — you’re going to need to but a bell on your MIL.

    Nessa — once upon a time I felt that way, then I moved to a really hot climate and found beer much more palatable!

    Church Lady — Jesus turned the water into wine — and I believe it is excess that gets one in trouble.

    Lisa — lately I haven’t chosen any shade at all, and I seem to be mostly white.

    Doug — Pollyannna with a sarcastic twist.

    Barbara — there is wisdom in abstaining if family history is against you. My ex- is an alcoholic and for many years I hated alcohol and all things related, but as I healed the hate eased.

    Jientje — I’m human! No! Say it isn’t so!

    Thom — why do I have a feeling you and Lisa are ganging up on me?

  10. Cuz we are and we like to…besides that’s in my general nature to do that…someone has to keep you on your toes and I being the gracious guy I am well I’ll do it…besides which…I could have told ya I just thought ya did it while humming “gonna wash that grey right outta my hair”
    <———rolling on the hard floor laughing

    Thom’s last blog post..Some Funny T-Shirts for Your Tuesday

  11. You and old Martin Luther would have gotten along well.
    His wife Kathy had her own brewery.
    He could cuss with the best of them and was an expert at sarcasm.
    I don’t know about the chicken.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..Obama Disappoints

  12. Thom ~ Do you really expect Quilly to listen to you, You were Gracious Enough last week to stop your bus and Say Hello and she ignored ya. You got to remember Quilly is a Free Spirit and has a Mind of her Own. One could almost call it Stubborn or Bull Headed.

    Cheers my friend.

    Bill’s last blog post..I Really Don’t Need This Time Off

  13. Juliana — not you, too! Oh what ever is the internet community coming to!

    Thom — your care has been duly noted for retaliation consideration.

    Dr. John — I think a whole brewery is a bit more than I need.

    Bill — takes one to know one.

    Betty — my father classified eating chicken with one’s fingers high on his list of deadly table sins.

    Lisa — nice try, lady, but you might want to remember how long I’ve known you!

    quilly’s last blog post..Getting to Know Meme ….

  14. Your supposed to eat chicken with a fork?! Oh my goddess I have been doing it wrong all these years-my whole outlook on life has changed, civilization as I know cannot go on
    oh dear me…

  15. Gee it sure is a long scroll down to the bottom of all those comments.

    Yes, I developed an allergy to dying my hair, or at least I think so. I started having a bad burning sensation in my scalp, as well as feeling sick and having bad headaches for a couple days afterward. So now I guess I’m stuck with mouse brown and streaks of gray. Sigh.

    Alice in BC Canada’s last blog post..My Speech for Toastmasters

  16. Ohhhhhhh what a terrible person you are, hahahahhhahaah.

    If that is the worst, then you are still pretty cool….haha

    Although I have a hard time with sarcasm, I am a very literal type person, and in here, no body language so I am often taken off guard by sarcasm…..just me though, other people seem to get it.

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