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    1. Free tows?! My love, you are brilliant! :*

      Let’s call them for the photo op. To where should I have the car towed?

  1. Killer Frito’s on the loose? Or perhaps it should go like this:

    We are out to play
    The couple that was nude
    decided it was fun to be rude
    So home the came
    It will never be the same

    Thom’s last blog post..David Is Going Home

    1. Oh no, Gattina. I would have taken the cutting board and the knife to the living room so Amoeba could be comfy. I am considerate like that.

    1. Zerilda — Since you’re sending them a long way, please pack them in ice and send them over night. If the package smells poorly it likely won[t make it through customs.

    1. Thom — I don’t mean to quibble, but a Quivel should have Quilly words. Go look up the definition! (Though it did qualify on the horrible scale — in fact, it may have over qualified!)

      And as for trying to blame that bit of verse on the duck — if it walks like a Thom and squawks like a Thom, it must be a Thom!

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