A Murder At The Dinner Table

There once was a gnat named Nat.
Upon my fork he sat.
I said, “I am eating!
I’ll give you a beating!”
So I squished him and Nat was flat.


This is not from a poetry prompt.  This is from my Pasta Alfredo last night!

A gnat was actually harmed in the writing of this verse.

37 thoughts on “A Murder At The Dinner Table

  1. Oh Quilly was mean to the poor liitle Nat
    He was spreading good cheer for her to hear
    Not hearing a word she killed the poor gnat
    Sending him into space and that was that.

  2. Bill — read the entire post. There are a couple of sentences below the poem.

    Thom — I heard Nat nattering. He said since you didn’t want apple pie and ice cream he’d come for your share. Then he wanted to know why, when he dived into my plate, it was full of pasta and Alfredo sauce? He said, “Where the hell’s my ice cream?” and I iced him.

    Church Lady — sometimes my mind is a scary place.

  3. Quilly’s 2×4 is out the door
    And Columbo is searcing her floor
    The Nat heard wrong, it was all a hoax
    Cuz tjhe pie and ice cream weren’t a joke
    How did the gnat want the ice cream
    when Quilly let out a huge scream
    As you see this mean old bat
    killed that poor old harmless gnat
    way before it was his time he was in the sauce
    as Quilly let him know who was the boss

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