Violence Among the Daisies

Apparently the flowerbed isn’t large enough to share.
These two ladies gentlemen* had a bit of a dispute.

I don’t know who would have won had not our water hose interfered, but …

Their tails tell tales of past disputes.

When you click on the pictures, you will be taken to Flickr.  Once there, click on “all sizes” and these will biggie for you.

*Some research by Amoeba reveled that, even those these two weren’t flashing their dewlaps, they are indeed male.  Apparently only males have that distintive crest down their backs.

34 thoughts on “Violence Among the Daisies

  1. Betty — no dewlaps! The males have these colorful dewlaps that they flare out when issuing a challenge or fighting.

    *Oops! Please read the footnote at the bottom of the post!

  2. I am an amoeba of little no brain or I would have picked up on this earlier. Male brown anoles (that’s what these are) defend both territories and females (the ones that are in the male’s territory). Usually, dewlap displays and other dances are enough for two males to decide which is the bigger (= the one most likely to win a fight), and allow the smaller to withdraw. Obviously these two considered themselves evenly matched, and had stowed their dewlaps as part of their preparations for battle. Which they will pursue to the death of one (or both) combatants. Hence the garden hose.

    the amoeba’s last blog post..Pizza With Anchovies

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    • How will they learn to get along if we don’t?

      Both questions have the same answer.

      And the lion shall lay down with the lamb.

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