Momentarily Off Line

I am on my way to bed now.  In the morning when I wake, I will quickly tidy my house and charge off to work — a bit earlier than usual — because I want to leave a bit earlier than usual.  After work I will careen to the airport where I will retrieve my Amoeba and bring him back home where he belongs!  Try not to have too big a party here while I’m gone.

36 thoughts on “Momentarily Off Line

  1. Spoilsport! It’s the middle of the day here! Why can’t I party? ;0)

    Glad you’re getting him back. Don’t YOU party too hard when he’s back. 🙂

    • Cath — he’s been in a different time zone and came off the plane and found dinner at what he thought was his bed time.

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    • My ex- did locksmith work. I kept thinking, “I’ve seen those!” And so I shut my eyes and did a walk through my memories until I found them.

    • Gattina — my idioms are missing because my mind was on retrieving Amoeba from his business trip! Maybe I’ll get to them after work tonight.

  3. Mar — we are to be separated again in June for TWO WEEKS! If 5 days was this hard, I don’t even want to think about 13!

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