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Did you know that if you go into a store, gather food items, stand in line at the cash register, wait patiently while they ring up the groceries, then open your wallet and discover you’ve forgotten your debit card and only have $4.00 in cash, they will not give you your groceries?  If you already knew that, I was just wondering why you didn’t share the information with me?


  1. Ugh! Been there, done that. I was actually a teenager and mom didn’t realize she didn’t have any checks. We had walked 6 blocks to the store. I like a typical teenager I was totally embarrassed. I am sure she was too, but at 14 I could not see it. Luckily, they simply set our stuff aside until we got back an hour later. I can laugh now.

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    1. Minky — I don’t ever remember an adult in my family doing the kind of strange things I do on a regular basis.

  2. If I didn’t know that you don’t live in my neighborhood, I would have thought you were the one behind me at the store yesterday!!!
    But she didn’t even had THAT much cash with her 8)

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  3. Doh!
    Did they keep your groceries aside for you?

    I rarely have cash on me so I’m often caught out at businesses that don’t take credit or debit cards. I have to leave my purchases there, trek to an ATM and then come back to pay in cash.

    1. Mumma — I was across town. It was lunch time and I was getting my immediate lunch and a few other items. I put the groceries back except for a Musubi and a banana, which I had enough money to pay for and a quarter in change!

    1. Yes, wry. This — of course — is not the first time I have found my card missing at the wrong time. Once I was at a gas station and had to call a friend, because I didn’t have enough gas to drive home to get the card, and get back!

  4. You por thing. That has never actually happened to me, but I have thought about it. So, I carry an extra credit card just in case!

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    1. Church Lady — when I was a kid, I got in over my head with credit cards. It took me years to work my way out. I worked three jobs. One pay check supported me. One paycheck went into savings. One paycheck paid down my bills. I do have a credit card. I only carry it when I am traveling in case an emergency comes up. I don’t keep it in my wallet for everyday temptations.

  5. Oh no! How did that turn out?

    Once I had my debit card with me, but the store’s system that processes it wasn’t working. I almost always have the checkbook since I do most of the dhopping, but my husband had used it and hadn’t put it back.I never carry much cash around, so had to leave my full cart there, drive to an ATM, and come back. Frustrating!

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    1. Barbara, I had a checkbook, but the store is in Waikiki — a tourist place. I was standing right under a “no checks” sign.

  6. Oh yes…sorry I didn’t get to you with that information sooner. The stores and grocery shops are very picky about paying BEFORE we leave with their goods, even if we have promised and crossed our hearts to return right away with the money. Makes you wonder about society, eh?

    amberstar’s last blog post..Tornadoes and stuff

    1. Amber — I remember when I was a child that our local grocer would deliver to our door on a weekly basis, and Gram wrote him a check once a month. I think I was ten when he sold the store. The new owner wasn’t as accommodating or as trusting.

  7. Well, with blogging and world wide communication, that kind of regional stuff is getting more and more universal.

  8. I didn’t know that. But I can tell you that if your car caches fire in front of a hardware store and you don’t have enough money they won’t give you a fire extinguisher on credit.

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  9. Hmm…left home without your card…. There are many things I could say, and probably will-later-but currently I am just going to laugh-I can actually see your response to this and the language hitherto un-interpreted that would have come out and the expression on the clerks face. Credit/debit cards are like that comercial-you know the one- Never leave home without them. Since I need my wallet at all times I-at all times-have my card with me. Hope your weekend is better…

    OJM’s last blog post..Fast Food nightmare

    1. I had my wallet! But the card was in the pocket of my jeans (which were in the laundry), right where I shoved it when I was putting gas in the car — which I wouldn’t have had to do had Amoeba come home from his business trip just one day earlier! (It’s all his fault!)

      AND, I’ll have you know that I never cuss in front of strangers. (Much.) So no bad words were spoken. (aloud)

  10. I was behind a woman at Target who couldn’t buy her purchases because she was paying with a check and she left her ID at home. I kind of felt bad for her, but annoyed because I was in a rush and she held me up unnecessarily.l

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