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Three Word Thursday #15

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #15. This week, joining the quondam word-list, we have rubefacient, senticous, & divagations. We also have a whole list of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used the words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

Two Attacks

“Doctor,” Nurse Spanner began the introductions, “This is Detective Vincent A. Copper.  He works for the Barbaresco County Sheriff’s Department.  Detective Copper, this is Doctor Kilgare.”

“Hello, Doctor,”  Copper shook the shorter man’s pudgy hand.  “I would like to question Ms. Wheeler. What is her current medical status?”

“Question her?”  Dr. Kilgare’s voice cracked.  He appeared to be out of breath and beads of sweat glistened on his glaborous head.  “Excuse me,” he said, and mopped at his face with an oversized white handkerchief.

“Are you ill, Doctor?”  Copper motioned at Bobby Argyle to bring a chair.  The young officer brought the chair from his duty post outside Janice Wheeler’s door.

“No,” the doctor answered, but he sank into the chair gratefully.  “I just … just  had to walk up …” he gasped for breath …” three flights of stairs.”  Again the doctor mopped his forhead and face.  “Those young green power … gangsters!   H-have commandeered the elevators and … and are … are staging a .. a … a sit-in!”

The  senticous Nurse Spanner interrupted the doctor’s divagations and finished crisply. “They’re demanding we stop all non-essential power use immediately.  If a patient dies because medical staff or equipment couldn’t get to them quickly enough, I will see that every one of those punks rots in jail!”

Copper turned to Bobby Argyle.  “Check it out,” he ordered and nodded his head toward the elevator.  Argyle hesitated.  He pointed toward Janice Wheeler’s room.  “My post, sir?”

“I’ve got it covered,”  Copper answered.  “I won’t move until you get back.”

“Right,” Argyle said.  “Where are they?”

“F-first fl-oor,” Dr. Kilgare answered.  And Argyle disappeared into the stairwell.

Nurse Spanner checked her wrist watch and murmurred that she’d be right back.  Copper watched her fit a stethoscope to her ears as she entered Janice Wheeler’s room.

“Okay, Doc.  When can I see –“  Copper turned back to his companion just in time to the pudgy little man slide off his chair and onto the floor.

Kilgare clutched at his chest and murmurred, “Heart … heart.”  Or maybe it was hurt, hurt.  Whichever, Copper got the message loud and clear and shouted for Nurse Spanner.  He bent down and loosened the good doctor’s clothes.

Spanner came on the run.  She took one look and started shouting orders.  Medical staff seemed to appear like ants from the woodwork.  Copper was shoved aside, bells started clanging.  Someone yelled, “Get a gurney!”

Copper backed up to Janice Wheeler’s door and watched.  He stared at the doctor’s rubefacient face and wondered if his collapse was caused by the exercise of climbing the stairs, or if there was another, more sinister cause.

No doctor’s were actually harmed in the writing of this post.

Three Word Thursday #16:

Every Thursday I will give you three new words. You have until the following Thursday to compose a story using all three of the words. Then, on that following Thursday, post your story. After you post, come by here and sign in to Mr. Linky. If you sign in and don’t post a story. I will delete your link.

The Week Sixteen words will be: niddering; amanuensis & tyro

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: May 28th, 2009

(Oh! And if anybody else has tripped across the perfect word (like Nessa when she sent in tyro and Fandango for niddering and a few others!) and wants to send me one, or two, or three, or thirty, I’ll throw them in the word jar and post them when I pick them!)


  1. I was worried there , for a minute, that a Doctor had been hurt in the writing, glad you reassured us.
    So your story like mine has taken on a life of its own and will go on for a long time.
    Good writing.
    This is the way Charles Dickens started. Of course it was in a magazine.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..Quilly’s words get a warrant

  2. *whew!* I was afraid Nurse Spanner was going to go in a finish Janice off! But now I wonder what’s up with the doc… maaaaaan… if it’s not one thing, it’s another! Now I gotta wait a whooooole week again. . .

    Melli’s last blog post..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! … and stuff….

  3. And the plot thickens…
    Will Copper EVER get to talk to Janice Wheeler?
    Will the doc keel over or make a full recovery?
    Does climb stairs induce heart attacks?
    Tune in next time for the continuing saga.


    I hope you enjoy a lovely holiday weekend!

    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Courtney Turns 21, and JD is Ancient

    1. JD — tune in next week to the recurring saga, “Does Your Bubble Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bed Post Every Night?”

  4. If your doctor had wings like us dragons he could have flown up. You sure dp use a lot of words to illustrate three words.
    But you do use them well.

    Fandango’s last blog post..Quilly Wee

  5. isn’t it just amazing how some stories just seem to take on a life of their own?
    i wanted to end Timmy’s long ago, and each time i tried to take it closer to conclusion, something else turned up.
    but while my characters are flat and lifeless, yours have personalities although i’m not at all sure who is the good guy and who the bad guy. not that i know that about mine…

    juliana’s last blog post..Three Word Thursday #15

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