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Tidying Up

She:  Are you hiding a bag of potato chips behind your back?

He: Well, er, uhm …. Yeah.

She:  Why are you hiding them?

He:  I’m not really hiding them.  I’m just, uhm — getting them out of your way!

She:  Oh, I see.  How magnanimous.  They really were cluttering the kitchen way up there on top of the refrigerator.

He:  Hmm, I just thought I’d help.


    1. Thumbelina — I was just struck by a thought. You know how punny we are. What if he meant he was getting them out of my weigh!

      1. You bet!!
        There’s just one little problem. You should see the state of my living room. I wanted to keep busy, like Dr John ordered me to, so I cleared all the furniture to one side of the living room. I have now cleaned HALF of the ceiling, and I should start painting tomorrow! The place looks a mess!! There is no way back, I must paint tomorrow. BUT I DON’T WANT TO PAINT!!! I want to play with my new camera!!!Aaargh, besides, the weather is good???
        Are the camera gods punishing me now?Oh dear, I should have known, should have known …. *sigh*
        Wish me happy painting, okay?

        Jientje’s last blog post..A Thousand words in Idioms, G and H

  1. Our My potato chips just jump out of the cabinet onto the counter and wiggle up under my hands…until I have to eat some to make the bag lighter so I can pick it up and put it in the cabinet again. Yep…that’s the ticket!

    amberstar’s last blog post..Stones

    1. Keahi — Actually, I can. Chips just don’t call to me they way they do some people — unless of course they’re chocolate chips!

  2. He’s probably thinking that weight is best lost by chipping away at it a little at a time and not by one chip at a time. Give him credit for trying to be “helpful”!

    1. Cindy — I’m going to remember that next time someone aks me about my weight issues: “Oh, I’m chipping away at it one little chip at a time!” (Lays, Fritoes, Cheetoes, ….)

  3. I love this! Somehow eating a bag of chips makes us all feel guilty! I have been eating the Lay’s Light chips. But, they that lovely ingredient, Olestra. So, I can’t eat too many if you know what I mean!

    BTW – thanks for your comment on my Helpful Kitchen Tip about blowing out the egg. I too thought the same thing you did – eewww! But then I thought, hey I guess I could rinse them off!

    Church Lady’s last blog post..Helpful Kitchen Tip

    1. Yeah, Olestra — too much of it and the “weight” runs right off …. And it wasn’t the eating of the chips so much that made him try to sneak them past me — that was his attempt to keep from tempting me (but if I had admitted that in the story it would have taken all the funny out!).

      1. A trial??

        Ohhhh… think my other half has a different word/phrase/descripter.

        but hey… the neighborhood happy hours start soon and then I’ll get me a new live audience 😉

  4. I made clam dip today…it’s all I can do not to sneak off to the kitchen – grab the Ruffles and dig in. I’m with Amoeba…chips…yummmm.

    Shelly’s last blog post..Orange Explosion

    1. Oh I love clam dip! You’re lucky I’m still a month away from Friday Harbor or I might be crusing the countryside looking for those poppies and your kitchen door!

  5. Ha, ha..
    The Reverend has his favorite chips, and he is not TOO stingy about sharing them.
    I think if I hid them from him, he might go into some kind of withdrawal.
    He can hide them from me though if he wants to.
    I get to hog the chocolate truffles.


    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Courtney Turns 21, and JD is Ancient

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