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The Burl Dragon

I want to join The High Order of Dragons. Fandango told me to find a local dragon and get my sacred shoelace. I found a local dragon — a very rich local dragon, he lives in a jewelry store! — and he told me I have to wrestle Dr. John and capture the shoelace from the shoe he’s wearing and bring it back to the jewelry store for the secret ceremony. Now I am confused and don’t know what to believe! Fandango made it sound like Burl would just give me the shoelace, but I thought that seemed a little too easy.

Not only that, but the jewelry store guy thought I was crazy and he came and chased me away! And I’m certain you don’t believe me either, but here’s a picture of Burl to prove I really met him!


  1. Wow is right! Don’t carvings like this make you wonder how someone has such an eye for what is hiding inside the wood? I could never, in a thousand years, envision, much less reproduce, something like this!

    My parakeet is a shoelace harvester…it seems to be a trait of their species. Perhaps you could solicit assistance from a local one??

    Southlakesmom’s last blog post..Three Word er… Thursday

    1. Southlakes Mom — I am on Oahu Island in Hawaii. Dr. John’s shoelace is most likely in Wisconsin. I don’t know that any parakeet would be up to that kind of retrieval task.

      1. Oh Quilly, you of little faith. Don’t you know that parakeets have an organization where in they work together for the betterment of the world? They even work wing-in-wing with other species of birds in order to accomplish miracles. A magic shoelace, passed from beak to beak can go around the world if need be… or so says Ellen Parakeet-Budgie.

        Alice in BC Canada’s last blog post..>>> Three Word Thursday & Raven’s Wordzzle Challenge<<<

  2. Burl looks very scary, in a striking way. But I don’t know about this wrestling for shoelaces business. You sure he’s not just funnin’ you? 🙂

    1. Cherie — Burl was a very slick and tricksy dragon. I don’t know that I believe him at all — and I feel much the same way about Fandango. One always has the feeling, when talking with a dragon, that there is much left unsaid.

    1. Melli — since I am assuming you want one of Dr. John’s shoelaces as well, I thought we might team up ….

    1. Brooke — I think you are mixing up easily confused with easily confusing. Two very different things, really.

    1. Thom — thank you, your first comment helped prove my point to Brooke — and I’ll be happy to help you get one of Dr. John’s shoelaces. All I need you to do is whip out your credit card and buy two round trip tickets to Wisconsin. Then when we get to Dr. John’s, you disable the battery in his mobile chair, and I’ll grab his shoes. Then we run fast as we can! I know we only need the old shoelaces, so we can mail him the shoes and a new pair of shoelaces once we’re safely away.

      1. You are forgetting about his cape. If he’s wearing his cape, disabling the scooter will do you NO good! And if he’s NOT wearing his cape, then he’s probably NOT wearing his shoes either… they will be beside his bed, being protected by 5 dragons and a guardian angel who watch over them while he sleeps!

        Melli’s last blog post..Well, What Did You Expect???

  3. You sure this isn’t the Order of High Dragons? If I didn’t know Dr. John was behind this, I’d really be wondering. Especially wondering what Burl had gotten into …

    the amoeba’s last blog post..Boast No Pills

  4. You can’t trust Burl he is a kidder. Since he can’t eat people any more he likes to get them in trouble. Now that we know you want to join we will petition the Most High Dragon to send you the entry forms. But be warned he may charge for a shoelace.

    Fandango’s last blog post..

    1. Oh, please, yes! But don’t tell Dr. John. He told me to stay away from you. Oh, and be careful harvesting shoelaces, Dr. John says if he catches you at it again, he’ll lock you in the basement! I hate for you to burn the house down trying to get out.

  5. Ignore everything Fandango said to you. If I catch them by my shoes again I will lock them in the basement. The this whole Dragon Lodge thing is silly.

          1. Melli — of course the dragon’s protect the shoelaces. They can’t have just anybody taking them! Perhaps they are easier to get once the dragons know one wants to join the order?

  6. Good luck on your quest Quilly,

    It may be a spell before I am back, my laptop is on it’s last breath.

    Visit my latest post for the explanation.


    1. Read. Commented. I know it seems longer when you’re the one without access, but it’s only a few days. We’ll all still be here — and will probably even remember who you are — when you’re up and running again. 😉

      1. As you can see Quilly, my laptop still seems to want to work, so I may still be here for awhile yet.

    1. Doug — click the links and visit Fandango’s blog. It all makes sense. Well — actually, it doesn’t make sense, but you’ll understand it just the same.

  7. I just started wondering if I’d had a stroke just as I landed on your blog. The He said, She said was not clear to me and then the whole dragon thing. I’ve seen and heard the stories about Dr. John’s and Melli’s dragons and when Melli had the th whold dragon hunt thing…and then I just didn’t know what was going on as I read on. 😉

    amberstar’s last blog post..Memorial Day

    1. Amber — I knew the dragon thing would confuse anybody who doesn’t follow Fandango’s blog. I don’t know why you didn’t get the He Said -She Said ice cream thing. I told him I was going to charge him a kiss for a scoop of ice cream. He agreed and then offered me his cheek — and I automatically kissed him! He was supposed to kiss me!

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