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Two Years Later

Two years ago, He and She started this adventure that is “Their Lives Together” here on this island.  Today, she is thinking that their relationship might have been much shorter had the following scene happened then rather than at noon today:

She itching all over, whined to him about her horrid red rash.  He grabbed his magnifying glass and her arm and took a look.

“It’s a rash,” he said.  “Where else is it?”

She told him there was one kind of rash on her tummy and her leg, and another kind of rash on her arm and her butt.

He looked at everything with his hand lens (magnifying glass) — even her butt.  She said, “I would think you could see my butt well enough without making it bigger!”

He ignored that.  He also dismissed the rash on her tummy and leg, agreeing with her that it was probably her reoccurring eczema.  Then he invited her to examine her own arm with the hand lens.  “See the red pustules?”  He queried.  She nodded.  “Those are on your butt, too,” he said.

“So what are they?”  She wailed.

He smirked and said, “Poison Ivy most likely.”

“Poison Ivy!”  She wailed.

He tried valiantly not to laugh. “I’m afraid so.”

“I am suffering here!”  She said.  “You are not supposed to be enjoying this!”

He really smiled then and said, “I’m sorry, love.  I’m not enjoying this, I just can’t seem to do anything about the smile.”

She thought of several things She could do about his smile, but was too busy scratching to act on any of them.


  1. ROFLMAO. How in the hell did you get this on your butt? Were you walking around taking pictures like Lady Godiva? Between you getting a rash on your ass and Jientje falling in a trench and breaking her camera, you two women are amazing. You see why I just stick with a point and shoot? Oh and I’m going to whisper something to you. So don’t tell anyone I told you. Read Melli’s comment on my FFF. Now I’m not pointing fingers or anything such as that but I think it’s a wonderful comment. My Clementine done did good. Can’t a doctor do something about that Poison Ivy? Too bad it’s not like when you get stung by a sea Irchin. You could just pee all over it and make it all better. 🙂 Many Alohas *ducking from the swat he knows is coming

    Thom’s last blog post..What’s Your Leprechaun Name? and We Are The World Meme

    1. Thom — I don’t know that it is Poison Ivy for certain, but the oils will go right through clothing. I am thinking that it is my clothing though — I put on one of my fave outfits I got out of storage, and I think it may be what’s irritating me. I am only bothered where my clothes cover.

      1. Well, DuH! Woman. Let me think here…hmmm…clothes sitting in storage for how long and then you just go and put them on?!! Did you wash them a couple of times first!? Jeez Louise Lady, I thought you woulda had better sense then that. Though now that I am thinking about it- the pictures rolling through my head are hilarious- I’m wondering why only certain parts have a rash, or were you being conservative when sharing? Just thinking about this is starting to make me smile-no wait, now I’m grinning and chuckling, slowly a giggle is emerging. Yep, the pictures in my head are starting to speed up and I am now ROFLMAO along with Thom. When are you coming home, we miss you here.

        OJM’s last blog post..I’m Back!

          1. No cobwebs. My sister’s grarage is well swept and perfectly clean! You’ve never seen such a tidy garage!

        1. I washed them before I put them in storage. They were inside a plastic bag inside a box. They still smelled fresh!

        1. Duh!!! That comment was supposed to be adressd to Thom: Damn, I can’t edit this.
          I’ll start over
          @ Thom:

          You wait till Quilly and I are together over there in Hawaii.
          You will never know what hit you.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh NOOOO! THIS is what happens when you’re out stalking deer and other WILD creatures in the FOREST! Hawaii seems to be much safer for you! Did you tell him to KISS it and make it better???

    Melli’s last blog post..FFF — The Field Trip…

    1. LOL….no you are trying to butter her up so she doesn’t remember that comment in my playground…Not fair *me sticks his tongue out and says pfffft

      Thom’s last blog post..Blog Hopping

          1. Awwwwwww…. I’m sorry Quilly. I didn’t MEAN it like that… I just know that you are very hyper and talkative like me! I do assume your mouth is usually in open mode! Mine is!

            Melli’s last blog post..FFF — The Field Trip…

  3. Glad to read you are doing okay now…take care!
    Maybe we get more tolerant with the years…many relationships would not exist today if we would take our partners seriously…hope you know what I mean 🙂

    Mar’s last blog poinsettia

    1. Mar — I find I am now much more tolerant of somethings, and much less tolerant of others. I think it comes from actually knowing what is and isn’t important.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. We did appreciate the sacrifice you made with your Woods Patrol to get us the nice pictures.

    Did you sit in it. I’m still chucling at Amoeba’s response to your predicament.

    Bill’s last blog post..Happy Fourth Of July

  5. try a paste of baking soda and vinegar… that’s supposed to help with the itching..

    1. Tina — thanks. I knew that. I haven’t done it yet because I don’t want to walk around shedding baking powder flakes. So far, soap and water seems to be keeping it under control.

  6. Mwwwaaaah, I forgot to congratulate you two!!
    Happy two year anniversary!! Yes,well, it IS an anniversary, is it?

    1. Yes — it is an anniversary. I guess. Amoeba didn’t seem to think it as significant as I did. Sometimes I wish the man had at least an ounce of romance in his soul.

  7. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling much better by now.

    Funny if it’s poison ivy because while we were packing yesterday I mentioned reading up on poison ivy, copperheads, black bears, ticks, and black widows before we did any camping in WV. My husband froze, turned white (if Irish people can possibly get any whiter, he was it) and yelled WHAT?! Now he doesn’t want to go. But in Ireland we have a saying: “Tough shit Paddy”.

    Anyhow, I hope you DO follow Melli’s advice and ask him to ‘kiss it better’ ROFLMAO!!

    Susan at Stony River’s last blog post..Happy Independence

  8. Apparently I was abducted by aliens yesterday. That is the only reason I can figure for not checking everyone’s blog. I’m so lost and confused…so much happened yesterday!

    Thank goodness i’m not allergic to poison ivy…yet. It makes people so miserable and itchy.

    Hope you have a happy safe 4th of July! And happy anniversary, too. 🙂

    amberstar’s last blog post..Independence Day

  9. Grin, sorry you got that itch and wherever it came from, I hope it’s soon gone.
    But I have to grin, I admit. Just for the picture in my mind of your Love looking at all kinds of body parts with that lens 😉

    Nicole’s last blog post..Off to party

  10. Nicole — you and I think so much alike, it amazes me. I, too, was seeing the “comic strip” side of a not-so-funny malady. I guess that means I can find a way to laugh at most anything!

  11. Is it really poison ivy? Yiiiikes! Only ever had that once and it got ugly – ended up having to take prednazone (sp?) because it got out of control…yucky stuff. Hope you’re feeling better and the itchies aren’t making you too crazy.
    If the oil from the plant is in your clothes they say palmolive will take it out…oh ick…just typing this is making me itch…lolol.

    Shelly’s last blog post..My Little Party for One

  12. Tony — I think my poor Amoeba is just bemused. He’s not quite certain how his orderly scientific world ended up with someone as random, haphazard and calamity ridden as I tend to be.

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