Early Morning Visitors

First this fella stopped by:

Buck in Velvet

Buck in Velvet

Then we saw this little miss standing at the edge of the trees. She was a bit hesitant about venturing into the open, but ….


… her momma was getting further and further away, and finally little one sprinted to catch up.

Doe & Fawn

They ate their way across the pasture and out of sight.
Then, a little later in the day, I crossed paths with this little guy again.

He still wasn’t keen on having his photo taken and didn’t hang around long.

32 thoughts on “Early Morning Visitors

    • Susan — thank you. The camera is a Nikon D40x. The “eye” is untrained. I was going to take a photography class, but I had a pro tell me not to. He said once I learned all the rules to good photography, I’d start second guessing myself and lose my “magic”.

      I’m not being coy here, but I don’t know what it is that makes my composition special. Most of my photos seem no more than okay to me, although I do occasionally get one I think is spectacular — and it is usually greeted with lukewarm reception. Go figure.

  1. Sheeeeeesh! I have 6 deer that LIVE in my backyard and I don’t get those kind of pictures! You are sO stinkin’ blessed! LOL! I love it! Fortunately, my little raccoon has NOT been back… yet.

    Melli’s last blog post..The Field Trip…

    • Church Lady — the deer back home (Idaho) are larger and more skittish, too. They know they’re on our food chain! These little island deer (less abundant food) are protected and don’t know man as a predator.

  2. Quilly it looks like you’ve been hanging out in my backyard! 🙂
    Great shots!
    I caught a fawn strolling through this week as well. I’ve seen him playing in the distance and he finally got close enough to capture for a second.

    Carletta’s last blog post..A Fawn Nonchalantly Walks By

    • Carletta — this little one was almost directly below our balcony. She had no idea we were outside. Her mother knew, but didn’t care. She knows were aren’t a threat.

  3. You captured great shots of those pretty creatures. I still get all excited when I see deer across the street from our home grazing in the woods, or when I see a gorgeous, red cardinal fly by, or even when I see a rabbit hopping along. The other day, our neighbor had a white goat on his front lawn. Turns out it belonged to a neighbor down the road who has a few acres and apparently some goats on his property too. It was fun seeing the goat frolicking about enjoying his short-lived freedom.
    I’m sure you see lovely sights all the time being that you live in paradise.


    Enjoy your holiday weekend!!!!

    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Adventures with Grandad #3

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