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I Had A Blast!

The Friday Harbor Fireworks display was extra special this year in honor of the Fire Departments 100th birthday.  Amoeba took his trumpet and I took my camera and we went out to sit at the edge of the Harbor.  I should have done a bit of reading on night photography before I attempted this, but I got 18 fair photos out of 243 shots!


    1. Brian — stalking me across the net, are you? 😉 I like Sam, too — perhaps even more than I liked Frodo. Seems to me, Sam was the real hero.

    1. Melli — I would have done better with a tripod, I think. I took my tripod, but it was just too awkward to use on the rocks as we were.

    1. Amoeba used a mute and played so quietly, our shore-side neighbors didn’t know he had a trumpet until they saw it — at which point they regaled him to stop and play them a tune. Nobody asked me to snap their photos. Alas.

  1. You got some really fantastic shots, Quilly. We had a quiet night at home. My husband does not like getting in the traffic to see the fireworks. A couple of years ago we were in Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th and the fireworks were wonderful and very close to where we were staying…so we got to see them.

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    1. We had only foot traffic to worry about. The fireworks weren’t more than 50 yards downhill from out apartment. We could have stayed in the apartment, but the tree branches and roof overhang would have interfered with my photo taking.

  2. Those are wonderful, Quilly. Quite beautiful. But I understand what you mean about the percentages. I’ve been trying to put together a post for the last week about a rodeo I went to. With everything moving so quickly, I had much the same problem as you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it up this evening. I’ve been working on a sermon for a service this afternoon, and I really couldn’t work on anything else until that was done.

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  3. We have this show on July 21, and with all the fireworks the poor cats and dogs are all getting crazy !

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  4. Btw the water is not “dirty” it was in too much food the ducks were swimming ! Imagine a whole camping place feeding the ducks with their old bread, lol !

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  5. Hi there,
    was going to leave a comment this afternoon and my Internet went byebye’, tsts….

    I’m glad you had a blast!
    It’s not easy at all to capture fireworks and you’ve done well!
    The first one is my total Fav :)!
    Looks like a flower!

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  6. I didn’t bother with fireworks, I knew it would probably be more crowded that it was worth and I don’t care for constant loud noises like that.

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  7. Quilly, I have to laugh because I too was sitting there on my blanket, camera in hand snapping away at the beautiful display of fire in the sky. I’ll bet I took 100 photos, only to have about 3 turn out half way good. I am no photographer, nor do I own a really good camera to capture these picutres. But, it was fun trying. Oh well. Your photos turned out GREAT!! Happy 4th and 5th to you!

    Church Lady’s last blog post..God Bless America!

    1. CL — ramp up your shutter speed and put your camera on it’s action setting. Then you might get a couple more shots. A tripod would help, too.

    1. Jill — thanks — the rash is causing me to behave in a very rash manner. I have pretty much peeled all the skin off my butt using my fingernails.

  8. Great shots Q. Sounds like it was a great time. I’m going to post about the time here on Tuesday Tale’s. You talk about getting fireworks shots…LOL. Try it with a point and shoot. LOL. Your photos are, as usual, excellent 🙂

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  9. Quilly I think you got some amazing shots!
    we set off some fireworks in my parents driveway last night. It was fun to watch the menfolk play at it. Even though I nodded in and out of awareness after taking a pill….it was still a nice evening.

    Jues~’s last blog post..Showers of Love and Healing….

  10. Wow, it’s at times like these I really wish us swedes also could celebrate in a big way like you do (or even our neighbours, the norwegians) when it’s a national day or such. Instead here it’s almost considered a sin to be happy and celebrate – especially if you wave a flag which has more or less become a symbol of xenophobia….

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