We’re Back!

We have returned to Friday Harbor cold and wet and worn.  It rained on us the whole time we were gone!  After 2 nights in soggy tents, it was decided that the third night would not be a charm, so we have returned to the land of the warm and dry.  Pictures of our Vancouver camping trip to follow.

25 thoughts on “We’re Back!

    • Jientje –Slow down and read the post! [shakes head] The first sentence tells you were we are. You know, people that just careen full speed ahead without looking around, end up falling in canals (or off curbs). 😉

      • You’re in Friday Harbour, that’s what I meant! End up falling in canals, don’t you laugh at me, YOU 😉 ruined your camera first!

        About WLW, I think I read somewhere you can’t use it on a Mac, that’s right. Mozilla is no problem, I’m on Mozilla and it works perfect!

  1. I’ve only visited Vancouver once and it rained constantly! (I loved the city though). A Canadian said to me ‘The only good thing about rain is that you don’t have to shovel it.’ Maybe that’s a common saying but it was new to me and it made me laugh.

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