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Today I washed all the wet stuff.  Removed sand from places sand shouldn’t be.  Unpackd.  Tidied.  Cleaned.  Shopped.  Cooked.  Cleaned some more.  Visited (I hope) all my blog buddies and left them comments on one or two of their posts, and edited my photos, but now I am far too tired to post and am dragging my sagging butt to bed.  Tomorrow is another day. Good nightzzzzzzz.


  1. Hope you slept well after all these efforts ! I started the day by cleaning up an old dried up cat poop behind the sofa in the office ! Probably done while we were in Italy. I think I am now up to date and can also start to visit everybody again ! Don’t talk about weather ! After a terrible heat wave over Belgium we are sitting now in the rain again and it’s c o l d ! Global warming ! pheeww !

    Gattina’s last blog post..

    1. Gattina — the sun is shining here, but I am still chilly. Sorry to hear about the kitty accident — which probably wasn’t an accident at all, but a planned rebellion because they were left behind.

  2. Boy do I know how ya feel! I haven’t even had time to take a SHOWER! I need to get off this computer! I have to leave again in 45 minutes — but I did want to stop in and WELCOME you back! It’s so good to have you around… even if I’m not! 🙂

    Melli’s last blog post..Quick, Quick!

    1. Well, if you’re that busy, aren’t the parents getting exhausted? A day of rest probably wouldn’t come amiss. Sit down and laugh and visit and play a game or three of cards.

    1. I slept so well, I was surprised when I woke to find it morning. Usually I am up a couple of times each night, but not last night!

  3. Good night and welcome back! I always feel more worn out by vacations than physically rested, but still, soooooo worth it for what they do for the soul. Good luck recovering, and thanks again for sharing the photos and stories!
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Road Trip =-.

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