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Three Word Thursday #20

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #20. This week, joining the quondam word-list, we have opsimath; obarmate; & assiduity. We also have a whole list of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used the words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

Sorry, I am late.  Yesterday I went out to dinner with my Amoeba; then we went grocery shopping; then I wrote a bit (only 200 words or so — it’s harder than you think!) and finally,   I got involved in research for my novel and read about metallurgy, J.R.R. Tolkein, Galileo, Monkey Pod Trees and space helmets.  Next thing I knew, Amoeba had gone to bed, I was half asleep at my keyboard and it was after midnight.  That’s when I decided to brush my teeth and take a nap.

Perhaps I will get a story together later.  In the meantime, here’s next week’s words and Mr. Linky for all of you “Not Distracted” people.  I’ll be around to see your stories after a bit.

The 3WT #21 words will be: sevidical; morsicant; veteratorian

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: July 30th, 2009


  1. i thought the words were acrasia, murklins and oncethmus!
    well, that is at least what i used when i scheduled today’s post…
    (i’m still not actively blogging so i won’t sign up)
    .-= juliana´s last blog ..TWT 20 =-.

    1. Juliana — Ah-ha! You read my post on a reader didn’t you? I posted and then realized I hadn’t updated the words and had to edit, but the feed reader had already swept my post off to all of you. Your words match week #20 just fine.

  2. Well, mine’s up, but I won’t be able to catch up with everyone else until tomorrow. Nearly bedtime here.
    And you have an early night. You deserve it 😉
    .-= Anthony North´s last blog ..BOOKS I LIKE =-.

    1. Tony — early night? I don’t know how! I can’t seem to go to bed before midnight. Today however, I slept clear through to 8 a.m.! That’s almost unheard of!

  3. Hi Quilly!
    Those 2 words will cause me to have to think when I’m supposed to be winding down to zzz. However, “going to dinner with an amoeba” has already spawned a story in my head! Missed you. I’ll be back.
    .-= Lynne´s last blog ..Puppy Love =-.

    1. Lynne — well, they’ve been up all day. If you’d have come by earlier, you could have had them wrestled into submission by now. 😉

    1. Jientje — yes, I had a wonderful time with Thom and I smiled and laughed, but I still have a job I hate, and now I have a job I hate that doesn’t even pay me well enough to support my daily travel to and fro.

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