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Flashing Blue Light

Do you remember when Kmart had bluelight specials?  I do!  When I first moved to Vegas I lived right next door to one of their super stores and shopped there almost daily.  I bought my pots and pans and my bath towels beneath the steady glow of  Kmart’s Bluelight.  That’s also where I got my lawn chairs and my first barbecue grill!  I loved that flashing bluelight.  I was in the store the day the light flashed it’s last.  The sale was jewelry and I bought a piece to give my niece for Christmas.  I was very sad the day the light died.

Well, guess what?  The Kmart Bluelight special is back and on August 15th, Kmart will be offering over 40 blue light specials in their stores!  It is a one day only event you won’t want to miss!  some of the products that will enjoy that special bluelight savings glow are:

  • Athletech, Route 66 and Licensed kid’s back packs, regularly  $19.99 on Bluelight special for only $8.00!
  • American Fare Vita-Water on Bluelight special 2 for just $1.00!
  • All Patio Furniture — already on sale at 70% off — will be an extra 20% off during the Bluelight Special!
  • When the 70 count Notebooks are under the Bluelight if you buy 2 you’ll get 1 free!
  • Diamond Jewelry — already on sale at 70% off — will be an extra 10% off during the Bluelight Special!

And that’s just a fraction of the deals waiting for you at Kmart’s Bluelight special this Saturday, August 15th! Be there or be blue!

So, why are you still sitting here reading this? Go!

Oh no! Wait! First, be sure to follow Kmart on Twitter so you hear about all the great sales before they’re over.  I did!  Now, get out of that chair and I’ll meet you at Kmart!

This was a paid post.  The paid links were removed on 10.12.09


    1. Doug — no. They announce in the store what the Bluelight special is. They want you to know otherwise what’s the point in having it for sale. The real trick is knowing when what you want is going to hit the bluelight — or if it’s going to hit the bluelight.

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