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Doug Kaplan

I am a little curious about Doug Kaplan.  I have been asked to review his website which is about estate care and planning and is directed at the families of Senior Citizens.  The grammar used on the site makes me wonder if English is the author’s first language.  The unnecessary use of definite articles leads me to think not.

I called his telephone number and got his answering machine.  His message is very formal, but too stilted to be professional.  The  voice on the recording sounded young.  Doug Kaplan’s photograph shows a mature man.  His credentials seem to support that.  His website reports that he served four terms as the Public Guardian/Administrator of Yolo County and served as legal guardian and trustee of the county’s elderly and disabled people who were unable to look after their own finances.

Another cause of my curiosity about Doug Kaplan is that this is the second time this month — and the second website — I have been asked to write about that bears his name.  However: the Doug Kaplan above lives in California.  The previous Doug Kaplan lives in Florida. California Doug is an estate planner.  Florida Doug is a Business Development Consultant.  California Doug gave a working phone number and his name is attached to it.  Florida Doug listed a phone number but it is incomplete.  California Doug Kaplan is gray-haired and dignified.  The Florida Doug Kaplan is young and charming.  But the truly remarkable thing about these two men is that they both put up new websites at the same time, they both chose the same advertising vehicle to promote their websites, AND both websites are poorly written and contain the same grammar mistakes.

The California Doug asked me to follow him on Twitter, but he didn’t tell me how.  When I searched Twitter for his name, I found the Florida Doug Kaplan.  I also found 4 other Doug Kaplans, three of them without photos and none of them claiming to be from California.  It wasn’t a very well thought-out request.

Also, the first time I wrote about Doug Kaplan, the spam-bots went crazy, as I’m certain they will again, and they led me to sites all over the web making any number of grand claims about his business successes.  Maybe I’m too cynical, but I am thinking caution would be a good strategy in approaching either of these men to represent your money.  I am not saying they aren’t legit, I am just saying the coincidences give me pause as do their less-than-professional presentations.

Stay tuned for further developments.

This was a paid post.  The active links were removed on 10.12.09


  1. I’m impressed, Quilly. Rather than teaching, maybe your should pursue detective work. I have never heard of this Doug Kaplan fella.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Texting =-.

    1. Church Lady — neither had I until I was asked to write about him — twice. Same name, same style, but different locations and job descriptions. I just thought it odd.

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