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Bad News

I am sorry.  Quillian could not be here today due to extreme technical difficulties.   It isn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and a new video camera.  If you like Quillian and would like to see her again, send me a video camera — or click on my sponsors and help me earn the money to bring her back!

I’ll buy new batteries and try again tomorrow.  The camera insisted on “hiccuping” all through the video and I got about 33  twelve second clips.  I could probably make them into one clip with some decent software.  Alas.

Such is my life.

Code Of Ethics


    1. Doug — no. The porcupine is safe and snug. The message here is send me a camera or you don’t get the porcupine — which I realize isn’t much of a threat.

    1. Melli — I think I have worked out that it isn’t the camera. It seems to be a software glitch in my film editing program.

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