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  1. The photograph and caption are priceless!
    The San Juans are beautiful. We were on South Whidbey for part of our vacation this year. Lime Kiln must be a popular name; we have Lime Kiln roads out here on the other side of the country.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Meme from Melli =-.

    1. KC — I don’t know enough about the history of the name to answer confidently, but I belive that the Lime Kilns were a major employer in the area.

    1. Akelamalu — I would like to think so, but don’t know for certain. One moment I’m comforted and the next I am wondering how long they expect people to just wait around wondering.

  2. Good luck, when the news finally comes and that the news was worth the wait. I hate waiting too. My favourite ever comic was of a writer who dropped a big manuscript into a mailbox; the second panel showed him staring at the mailbox, then in the third panel he pulls the door back open and shouts down, “Well?!” I knew how he felt!

    I wish I could see your photo but I’m back home again, back to the dial-up connection, back to no videos, no photos, no bells, no whistles. I’m hating it already.

    1. Susan — oh dear. It is so much harder to be without then to never to have had! Is there no satellite available in your area, or is it too cost prohibitive?

    1. Melli — that amazing shot really is amazing because there were tourists milling everywhere! When the bird landed everybody froze and in that moment of surprise I had the presence of mind to snap a pic — then the bird was gone.

    1. I have no idea, Dr. John. I put them up on the 3WT website last Friday. For some reason the update didn’t post, but got saved as “pending”. I just thought Thom was blind when he asked about the words the other day, but when you asked I went to check. They’re up now. Sorry.

    1. Thom — see my comment to Dr. John. I don’t know what glitch fouled up the words, but they’re up now. Sorry I ignored you the other day. I was busy with my young guest and just decided you were nuts.

      Well, you ARE nuts, but I suppose I should have checked anyway. [mwah]

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