She’s Baaack!

Once again I have been given licence (and a license) to educate children.  I love to make kids think. Sometimes my methods are a little unorthodox, but they are usually fun.

Today I was in a special needs classroom with 3 hearing impaired kids and their aid, Ms. Ash.  Cognitively there is nothing wrong with these kids, they’re just a little behind because they are having to relearn life with cochlear implants.  It takes them a little longer to process verbal input because their brain isn’t accustomed to hearing, but they are plenty bright.

So, Jay was out of the room for a while for speech.  When he returned, I was sitting in his desk beside two other students and we were working on a science project.  Jay walked up to me. “Uhm — uh –” he pointed at his desk.

“Yes?” I answered.  He needs to verbalize his thoughts, not just make sounds.

“Uhm.” he said, and pointed again.

“Oh!”  I smiled brightly and said, “Hi!  My name is Jay.  This is my desk and here is my name tag.”  I ran my hands over the desk top and pointed at the name tag.

Jay glanced over at Ms. Ash.  She shrugged. He turned back to me and said, “What?”

I repeated, “My name is Jay.  This is my desk and here is my name tag.” I tapped on the name tag then asked, “Who are you?”

Jay looked over at Ms. Ash again.  Again she just shrugged. Jay turned back to me, put his hands on his hips, and said, “Your name is not Jay.”

“Really?!”  I tried to sound very surprised. I leaned forward and studied the name tag. Feigning confusion, I looked at him.  “Are you sure that’s not my name?”

Jay frowned again, and then answered, “Noooo.” He looked uncertain for a moment, then took a deep breath and said. “But I am sure that my name is Jay; this is my desk; and that is my name tag.”

“Really?” I exclaimed.

Jay nodded emphatically.  I grinned at him, we all shared a laugh, and I got up and moved.

Fast forward to the end of the day (about six hours later):

As we were cleaning up to leave Ms. Ash announced, “Ms. Teacher will be out sick tomorrow, too, so Ms. A. will be coming back.”

Jay looked up from putting the blocks away, “Who is Ms. A.?”

Ms. Ash pointed at me.

Jay looked at me, raised his eyebrows and smirked, “Oh, you mean Ms. Jay?”

*   *   *

Yep.  I am going back tomorrow.  They pay me for this.

~names changed to protect the sassy. 

Make Mine Mocha

As many of you now know, I am working at a very popular local coffee shop. We don’t have any retail chain stores here on the island, so ours isn’t a name you know, but we’re a Friday Harbor hotspot just the same. I love people, so for the most part serving customers is a blast. There’s a lot of humor and laughter shared over the counter.

However, there are always exceptions. Recently a very angry fellow came to the walk up window. I flashed a bright smile and said, “How may I help you?”

He shrieked, “What did you do with the ferry?!”

I responded (quite bewildered), “Excuse me?”  I am a barista in a coffee shop.  I wear a cute little green checkered apron with roses on it.  I make coffee and serve ice cream.  I obviously have no control over the ferry.

The man, red in the face with a little vein throbbing in his forehead, yelled, “A minute ago there was a ferry at the dock. Now it’s gone. I just went into the store for a minute.  What did you do with the ferry?!”

I so wanted to say, “What?!  Did it sink again?!”

I figured that response would get me strangled, so I gave the man a ferry schedule and told him when the next ship would dock.  I hope he figured out on his own that when one’s ship comes in, one should get on it post-haste!

Coffee Shop Shopping

I took myself and my Avon off to Criminal Coffee this morning and set up at a table.  This is my new Monday strategy.   I took a few nice products to catch people’s eye.  It worked.  A lot of folks stopped to look.  No one bought anything on the table, but I did take two orders for other products and I gave away a couple of books to new people.

Avon has a new mascara out that got a lot of comments but no one ordered.  It is Sonic Mascara and comes with a vibrating brush.  I’d like to repeat some of the comments, but I am certain if you use your imagination you’ll think them up all on your own.  (Thank heavens Thom is on vacation!)

I Was Away

This morning I got on the ferry and traveled to the mainland for an Avon meeting.  Because I live on the island and have to ferry to Anacortes and then drive to Mt. Vernon, what is a lunch date to the other Representatives is an all day commitment for me.  That’s why you didn’t see me at your blogs today.

I had an amazed, blessed day today though — one of those days when everything clicks into place with such ease one can’t help but be aware that God is navigating.  I left the house without taking the address to the meeting place with me.  I remembered Round Table Pizza and I knew I was going to Mt. Vernon, other than that, I was clueless.

I have driven in Mt. Vernon twice, both times months apart.  I forgot that when I came into town I would be forced to turn either left or right.  I ended up in the left turn lane by default.  I figured I’d drive up that road until I found a likely place to stop and ask for directions, but as I crested a rise I could see a shopping center in the distance and the Round Table Pizza sign.  I pulled into the parking lot, switched off my engine and glanced at my watch — 5 minutes to meeting time.

After the meeting I had some shopping to do.  One of my friends wanted me to pick up dog food, so I needed to find the PetSmart (she had coupons for the expensive stuff).  I asked someone at the meeting for directions.  She told me it was behind the new McDonald’s.  I told her I wasn’t local and didn’t know where the new McDonald’s was.  She told me to just drive up the street and cross the bridge, I couldn’t miss it.  Guess what ….

There are two streets.  They parallel each other and they both have a bridge.  She was talking about one, I took the other.  However, it turns out the street I took runs behind the new McDonald’s — which put me right in front of PetSmart.  Pretty cool, huh?

Then, leaving PetSmart, I asked a woman in the parking lot for the closest I-5 on ramp.   The one I’d entered town on was over 3 miles away with a traffic light on every corner between me and it.  She said there was an on-ramp right beside the shopping center.  I was thinking “bummer” because I thought I had already passed the exit I needed to get me to highway 20 without driving all the way through town, then she added, “Just be careful and get into the far lanes as quickly as possible or you’ll have to take the Whidbey Island exit and you’ll find yourself headed for Anacortes” — which of course is exactly where I wanted to be!

So I took half the lady’s advice and was in Anacortes a good half hour earlier than I expected to be.  That means that instead of waiting over an hour for the 6 p.m. ferry, I rolled on to the 4:30 p.m. ferry (they actually delayed departure for a few minutes while I bought my ticket) and I was home by 6 p.m.

I am so glad because no sooner did I get in the house than a big storm blew in.  It began to rain as the ferry docked.  Right now it sounds like a wind machine is raging outside my window and the rain is coming down sideways! I am glad I am home and dry — and I have the candles and matches right here at my right hand just in case.

Truckin’ On Down the Road

Amoeba and I enjoyed out cross country drive.   There seemed to be a lot of big rigs on the road.  Every time a rig would pass us, or we would pass a rig, Amoeba would say, “What recession?”  Apparently trucking companies still have plenty of goods to haul.  Almost every rig that went by advertised Trucking Jobs on it’s tail gate. Need a job? learn to drive an 18 wheeler!