Going 2 The Dogs!

Last evening Amoeba and I were here in the house, him at his desk and me at mine.  We were not more than 15 feet from each other but we couldn’t  carry on a conversation because we couldn’t hear each other over the barking dogs.  And we don’t own any pets!  We live in a neighborhood full of dogs. Little yappy dogs and big barky dogs — all of them are noisy.   In fact, just now I was sitting here trying to hear myself think, but all I could hear was them! I’m considering ordering these Bark Control Collars for the lot of them!  What do you think?

39 thoughts on “Going 2 The Dogs!

  1. I have to comment here. Those two beasty mutts next to you are the absolute worst. The two damn fools start fighting with each other. I can only hope one day those two mutilate each other. The owners should have to go to dog obedience school for themselves. It’s ridiculous. Lisa’s mom has two dogs and this collar that when you leave them alone you put on them and when they bark it sprays citronella. It works wonders. You need to be like their neighbor Q. Amyte those dogs go off for any length of te he’s on the phone to the animal control. I know that sounds rude but people should take better control of their dogs. Hence those collars. And PS people of you walk your dog and it tales a dump CLEAN up after it. Show se courtsey

    • Melli — we haven’t picked out our home in Friday Harbor yet. Amoeba was looking at a place online that has 10 acres, but I told him I wasn’t mowing the lawn!

  2. Wow…reading the comments and that citronella thing sounds pretty neat. Hmmm.
    I was cranky this morning when I heard a barking dog…it was mine…hubby asked me sheepishly if I heard her…told him to get his dog under control or I was calling the pound, lolol.
    So girl…you won’t mow the lawn? Aw come on, ten acres on the rock sounds fabulous!
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..I know I’m not the only one =-.

  3. Almost forgot! Re: your question about if I plan to move.
    I’d love to but I don’t think I can ever get this old farmer to hang up his barn boots and scoot into town. I tease everyone that when we sell the place it’s “as is”….including a whole lotta stuff 😉
    I’ll probably call my friends and their kids and tell them to come on over and take whatever they want, or have a really cheap yard sale with a giant “free” table.
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..I know I’m not the only one =-.

  4. Sounds like the dogs are a real problem. Sounds like our dogs…but at least we live way out in the sticks where they don’t bother anyone other than us.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog .. =-.

    • The link is extinct because the sales campaign is over. I replaced it with a regular link that no longer counts clicks. Which means this is no longer a paid post. (Well, except for the scholarship ad.)

  5. Barking dogs set my annoyance alarms off at full volume. I had almost ZERO patience, thanks in part to the so-called neighbors in our druggie-infested neighborhood in Spokane. I get so mad I just spit and sputter and boil blood. I love dogs with good owners, but barking dogs and bad owners make the police department relieved that I don’t own a gun.
    Yes, it’s that bad. Long story.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Tree of Desire =-.

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