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Too Cool!

The strangest things thrill me, but I have to tell you, I think these are just cool.  I am gonna get one.  I just can’t decide which one!  I’m sure I’ll get one for Amoeba, too. They come in 14 different color choices and have over 30 themes to choose from — or you can design your own logo.  I want one that says Quintessentially Quilly on one side and has on the other.

Here are just a few excuses reasons for you to get one:

  • The New Brag Book
  • For The Person Who Has Everything
  • Blog Giveaway
  • Share Music
  • Multi-Media Love
  • The New Mix CD
  • Portable Library
  • Be A Corporate Big Shot
  • Network And Be Remembered
  • Organization Is The Key To Success
  • No order minimum
  • Low shipping costs

And once you’ve picked out your Personalized Flash Drives check out the other incredible products, too!

Code Of Ethics


    1. Alice, I am sure it will someday come to that and people will have the necessary electronic interface. When it happens just call me Borg.

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