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Amoeba’s Don’t Brag

Amoeba loves attention, but unlike me he isn’t a publicity hound, so I am doing his bragging for him.  He works in bio-fuel research.  His team made the New York Times.

Here is an article on Hawaii’s alternative energy projects in general:

Hawaii Tries Green Tools in Remaking Power Grids

And below is a slide show with photos from the various projects. Amoeba’s team is featured in photos 9 & 10 (photos 8 & 11 are related to the project as well). (Sorry, the NYT doesn’t provide embed codes.)

Alternative Energy, Hawaii

Btw, UH just suffered a $98 million dollar budget cut. More info on that can be found on Amoeba’s blog.


  1. Wow, NEW YORK TIMES? That’s something alright, and Congratulations! There’s a lot of work being done here in Ireland (well, so they say) especially as the EU looks for alternatives for farmers to stay afloat—many have turned to forestry, elephant grass, and weird sh!t I can’t even remember. But it’s exciting and interesting to read about.

    On the other hand… $98 *million* is a staggering number. For a University to be hit that hard is just amazing and sad…. and we know they won’t be cutting the football team. I just read the story chez Amoeba, but I’m just shaking my head at where our priorities are these days. Kay at blogged about the Hawaii library cuts recently too. Here in Ireland, the first budget cuts when the recession hit, were services for old people and disabled children.


    Had to find it sadly funny, or laughably sa, that the article in question states the university will have trouble serving “it’s students”… looks that happened already, if the grammar is any indication.

    AGH!! again.
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Green With Envy =-.

  2. Awesome news! I clicked the links and looked through the slide show. Seems we are finding new and unique ways to conserve energy. Those wind mills are becoming popular even here on the East coast. I guess Amoeba’s hard work is paying off.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Field of Flowers =-.

    1. CL — Amoeba will be first to tell you it is a TEAM effort. I brag on Amoeba, then he requests more temperance and less enthusiasm.

  3. It’s great to get the publicity. Scientists and technologists could solve our eco-problems in no time at all. I have that much faith in them. The funders – Big Biz, government – sadly, no.
    .-= Anthony North´s last blog ..MORE CHANGES =-.

  4. I had NO idea algae could be so useful! And here I’ve been hatin’ on the stuff… How COOL to make the NY Times! I’m glad you bragged upon him! He deserves it!

    $98 mil is an awwwwful lot of money to lose all at one time. That is crazy…. I wonder how other universities are being hit…
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Random Dozen #3 – and a Silly Haiku =-.

    1. Melli — hating algae? When it’s in your ice cream, your toothpaste, that whipped creme atop your latte, puddings and perhaps even cake mixes. Look at your labels. If you see agar, alginate or algin, and/or carrageen, there’s algae in that there tasty! 😉

  5. Kudos to Amoeba and his team 🙂 ! That’s a wonderful achievement. Alternative energy is a great concern.

    It’s always sad to hear or read about educational budget cuts. We are experiencing the same here and it’s always a great loss. I really hope that they could reconsider the priorities on this issue.
    .-= Rosidah Abidin´s last blog ..Playful Spirits =-.

    1. Rosidah — and the great State of Hawaii is currently negotiating to take 17 days of pay away from every teacher per year. Originally they asked for a full month. It is always education that suffers. I think it is frightening when the government is trying to prevent education.

      1. That’s very frightening, and I don’t think that it will lead to any good. I really hope education gets a better focus in the future. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to me, why it has become this way.
        .-= Rosidah Abidin´s last blog ..Playful Spirits =-.

    1. Kelly — oh, wow! I wish I’d have heard that. We don’t use the clock radio anymore. Amoeba just wakes up every morning, so I haven’t heard NPR in ages.

  6. I am glad you still exist ! On Thom’s blog your link told me :

    The page you’re looking can not be found or no longer exist. Recent changes have been made to the website to better serve customers. You can try the topics below.

    but in my Google reader you ressurect !
    You must be very proud of your man !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

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