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What are the odds that an amoeba would fall in love with an inkpen? Pretty slim, I’d guess, but many of you know that’s just what happened. You may have even watched it unfold right here online. We thought, when we met online, exchanged emails, then started sending chats fast and furious, that we were being very discreet. Apparently not.

Other emails made their way into my email box — and Amoeba’s — demanding details regarding our sudden online interest in one another. My phone even rang. My niece Cindra called with 500 questions about our budding relationship. I asked how she knew there was a relationship. She told me that the romantic tension in our comments was shorting-out computer monitors all over the net. Then Amoeba got a phone call and two bloggers drove MILES to meet him for lunch and pump him for romantic details.

We decided to meet. There were 3000 miles between us and meeting would require airline tickets and an overnight stay. My friends and family flipped. Some of them flipped for the romance. Some of them wanted to lock me up and throw away the key.

Amoeba flew to Vegas and I met him at the airport. Then I took him to a restaurant where we enjoyed lunch. Then I took him to work with me and introduced him to a large portion of the school staff. Cindra called and grilled him on the phone for 20 minutes. At the end of the conversation she gave him the seal of approval and called the rest of the family and cancelled the amber alert. At the end of the weekend we finally confessed our relationship to our adoring online fan club.

Most of you already knew.

So, with that kind of romance in my own life, are you at all surprised that I like to read romance novels? I am a sucker for Happily Ever-After (HEA) endings. Judging by the way you followed Amoeba’s and my romance, I’m thinking you must like HEA endings as well. With that thought in mind, I signed up to be a Harlequin affiliate. This will always be the blog where you can get a romantic fix.


    1. Bill — and why wouldn’t I like romance?

      I don’t need to write Amoeba’s and my love story for you. You pretty much followed it right here on the blogs from the beginning.

  1. Romance novels? You like bodice rippers. eh? When I was a kid, I devoured Love comics. Remember those?

    The last book I read was SOUL SURVIVOR. The 2nd to last book was THE READER.

    Nope, don’t care for romance novels.
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Lisa’s luck =-.

    1. Gigi — actually I don’t like bodice rippers. The genre has updated itself over the years. The days of the whiny, simpering heroine are long gone — hallelujah! — and the women in todays romances are strong, independent and intelligent.

  2. Oh WOW. Besides being in love with your own love story, I can so relate to Harlequin, because I won a contest sponsored by the London office (Mills & Boon). They published my winning story in RTE magazine which has a circulation of 450K, thereby technically making me a ‘professional’ writer. Before I’d just been published in small press and regional publications. Thanks guys—I’m now no longer eligible for half the contests or fellowships I’d want to apply for. ARGH! But I did get a free trip to London out of it and a two-year subscription for romance novellas.

    I have to admit that being forced to take another look at the romance genre was enlightening; it HAS changed and offers some great reads. Still not my favourite genre, but I can’t disparage it any longer! And the authors make a fair living from a three-books-a-year contract, because the books mostly sell by subscription and at supermarket POS; they’re not competing with all the other titles in a bookstore.

    Hey Quilly, you’d be great at it. Want my editors’ notes?
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Excuse me, Nurse? Is it time yet for my Giveaway? =-.

    1. Susan — yes! Send me your notes. I am actually working on a Nocturne. It is giving me fits. Plotting is my weakest point, which is sad because you know, no matter how great the writing is, without a plot there is no story.

  3. What a progress ! Very modern love story ! When I think that my grandma could only go out with grandpa when somebody watched over them, and they met I don’t know where under the watchful eye of an older sister. My mother already was more modern, she met my father in the office they worked together. And I met my better half in a bar, took him in my flat where he moved in the next day and 40 years later he is still snoring besides me, but not in the same room anymore ! that was in 69 !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

  4. Ohhh MY! I haven’t read a romance novel in… wow… I don’t know how long! It has been aaaaaages! And now I’m cracking UP because Gattina met Mr. Gattino on a one-night-stand that never ended!!! LOL! Ohhhhhhh my… can these novels BE as good as real life??? I wonder…
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Artsy Tartsy! =-.

    1. Cherie — this is still pretty general. I left out the fact that we spent a very long summer vacation together in Friday Harbor, at the end of which we both resigned from our jobs and ran off to Hawaii together.

  5. I knew you had met online but not the details. I agree with what Melli said — I love true life romances!

    I do read some Christian romance novels but I like it better when there is more to the plot than just the romance.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Wise vs. Foolish Women =-.

  6. I like this kind of romance. Reminds me a bit of My Dearest and I. We lived several hundred miles apart and met at a wedding. I was in the forces and we married six months later, after spending maybe a fortnight together in actual visits. It was all a whirlwind, but it felt right. Nearly 33 years of marriage later, I guess whirlwinds do work.
    .-= Anthony North´s last blog ..JUSTICE =-.

  7. Well, shoot! I missed out by not “meeting” you and following you sooner!
    At least I get to be in on the move to Friday Harbor… in a virtual sort of way. 😉
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Shades of blue =-.

  8. KC — just go and read all the back posts starting near the end of September 2006 …. 😉 I will warn you that a lot of the links no longer work. Alas.

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