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Three Word Thursday #30

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #30. This week we had no word list and our prolix bloggers (and not so prolix dragons) were invited to use any three (or more) words of their choice from the previously used word list. We also have a dandy bunch of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used these bygone words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

The 12th Knight of Strawberry Fife

A Clue

Evaard rode into Strawberry Fife on the back of Sir Chevall’s war steed. The sun had barely cleared the horizon. The street was occupied by only a few bonded servants, most of them girls visiting the well. Dismounting behind the strawberry stand, Evaard secured the beast’s reins to a tree branch and hastily made his way to the alley.

He wondered how Mistress Comida Patisserie came to be outside after dark unescorted. That seemed highly suspect, yet Fencil said it was a common event. And if she was Mistress Patisserie, was she not already wed? Why was she courting Chevall? Fencil said she had marriage in mind, but that simply could not be. Evaard knew the merchant, Obel Patisserie. He was a rotund man with a fleshy, glabrous head and sagging jowls. That his wife might want to be rid of him came as no surprise, but the fact that Patisserie allowed her out alone after dark most certainly did.

Evaard drew his sword before stepping into the alley. He entered sideways with his back to the wall, remaining in shadow as much as possible. He paused, looking the scene over carefully. He saw no signs of Chevall or his sword. The club wielders were no longer on the scene.

Evaard scanned the shadows carefully, looking for possible places of ambush. The alley remained surprising clean, save the hitonious pool of stagnicolous water bisecting its length. The only concealment to be had lay behind the closed back door of the Royal Dragon Pub. Evaard stepped from the shadows and approached the foul puddle, noting a glimmer of silver near its northern edge.

Carefully using the toe of his boot, Evaard nudged the silver disc from the sludge. It was a phalerae and it bore the distinctive symbol of Strawberry Fife, a dragon coiled around a giant strawberry.  XI was engraved on the back of the phalerae.  Eleven.  Sir Chevall would never have parted with his badge of office if he were still able to fight.

to be continued
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The 3WT #31 words will be: misqueme; tragematopolist; & vacivity

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: October 8th, 2009


    1. Tony — I did note the easy word options. I was going to comment that that likely made things easier for your average readers, but barring me you have no average readers!

    1. Doug — I’m glad you’re liking Strawberry Fife. Hitonious was one of our first words and it has been a player favorite ever since. We use it often and JD is completely clueless.

    1. Doug — you are probably the only one — well, and Amoeba — who comprehends the nuiances. Tony might, but he’s not commented.

  1. Oh, no, poor Sir Chevall. I hope Evaard can save him. I never even noticed the words. Great job.

    PS. Please check your reader if you are not seeing new posts for me. It seems my feed address changed while I was gone. I am posting daily. And most importantly, Rabbit, Rabbit!
    .-= Nessa´s last blog ..Rabbit, Rabbit . . . =-.

    1. Nessa — I’m glad you’re enjoying my story. My feed reader is still not reader you. Please send your new feed url. I’ll update it manually. When I ask Google to search it keeps coming back with the old one.

  2. Hey Quilly — I’m enjoying the story. Got a sick kid today so I’m a bit distracted. I’ll be back next week. Maybe I can figure out an ending to my story by then!
    .-= Southlakesmom´s last blog ..Black Holes =-.

    1. Kelley — I hope your sickie gets better soon. We’ll still be here next week. And I am enjoying your story. Don’t end it until it is ready to end!

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